My Thoughts On Law and Domestication

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  • andorios reply Well, it depends on the situation (crossing the street). During heavy traffic, I'll look for a pedestrian walk and wait for the light to change colour. If there are no cars, I'll cross wherever I feel like.
  • andorios reply @Sigrdrifa if we get the answer to your chicken and egg analogy we are either going to be very angry or feel very ashamed
  • [ – ] Sigrdrifa reply The danish traffic light story reminded me of Varg's story about the people standing like idiots outside an IKEA because the door was closed; then Varg pushed the door open and walked in.. We are taught to stand with out mouths open and wait for assistance or some signal to "proceed like normal". We are conditioned to not think or act on our own behalf - of course not everyone is this helpless, but the majority is. This is a case of the chicken and egg. What came first: Ridiculous laws that domesticate and infantilize us, or the useless human beings who make these laws a necessity?
  • [ – ] Lukhurd reply Law is also a great way to control free thought, you can get arrested in some countries for having a controversial opinion or doubting popular claims about history (if you know what I mean). I like the term "Law enforcement".
  • Homesteader reply Very well said. People should think these words when waiting at a red light to cross an empty street, Good Doggie". Then end the stupidity of consenting to unjust and simply stupid laws whenever it can be done safely, including evading arrest.
  • andorios reply @Lukhurd If these (((claims about history))) are true then it shouldn't matter if people doubt them
  • Bushcraft_Prepping_Survival reply Hi very interesting channel. thought provoking. thank you keep em coming. up-voted & followed stay safe, Steve
  • Thornack reply Off course law is needed for those who are reckless (who are going to burn down the forest if they start a fire) and dangerous. but on the other hand, law can and may NOT be in the way of your safety (see gun control). and law can also be a safety for you in the way lukhurd say's. I believe a Vhemic court can be a great function in so called LAW to fight te reckless and dangerous. by the way, here in the Netherlands law's are very very fumbling and some times unclear....
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