Can DC be saved by Joss Whedon?? | Joss Whedon to Direct BATGIRL

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  • [ – ] Wolfer reply Shit i didn't even know he was directing it! Though, knowing this... I'm still not excited for any future DC movie... it's just too late!
    • AnimeReviews parent reply Exactly, I hated Batman V. Superman, it made me hate Batman! My favorite character!
    • [ – ] BenjiJames parent reply When it comes to Joss, i'll always give it a go... Yeah, he's definitely a dude that gets me all mushy hahaha xD He's currently in talks to also write and produce it. If that happens, this could be the break DC has been looking for. BUT having said that, they'll need to hold their own afterwards... which i'm gonna say with complete confidence, i doubt they'll be able to do it without Joss on their front line
      • [ – ] Wolfer parent reply Don't get me wrong, Joss Wedon is fucking incredible! Maybe the issue all along has been Zack Snyder...because Sucker Punch wasn't very good and neither was Watchman so maybe this will change things! ^_^
        • BenjiJames parent reply I think Watchmen was given a bad wrap from day one, mainly due to the fact that DC seems to love splitting their movies into several different versions to make the most money. Believe it or not, you can buy 3 different cuts/versions of Watchmen, all of which have more context and story filled into the blanks than the previous version hahahha -- however, i still think the best version is 'Watchmen: The Director's Cut' (runtime, 186 minutes). Definitely worth the watch, if you haven't already. Oh and BTW, 'Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut' goes for 215 minutes hahaha
  • BenjiJames reply NOTE: This was originally uploaded on my YouTube channel on April 1st, but created on the 31st of March. Just incase you're confused as to where the previous video is (the video i'm referring to at the beginning), here's the link:
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