More Stalking And Harassing. Please Stop.

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  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply More harassing of you? What is wrong with this person! Stalking and harassing is illegal and wrong!!!!!!
    • [ – ] VukMUS parent reply The state of the mental health system, especially here in the United States, is something to be disturbed about.
      • Aaronshy parent reply So true. I mean just think of how this person is acting. Stalking someone and harassing them online.......he can't be right in the head!
  • SometimesBytes reply I hope they get that person and even if they do stop if you have the opportunity you should still press charges. Someone like that has to be messed up and chances are even if they stop doing it to you they will set their sights on another victim.
  • Mediaman reply I'm sorry this is happening to you. You seem like a really cool person. Shouldn't happen to anyone. You are doing the right thing here. Anybody threatened me or my family I would do the same. Great channel by the way. Your making a difference, thank you!
  • 1UPWill reply sorry lots of sickos out there becareful
  • kernowLifeMix reply Can the authorities not get involved?
  • MUMS-Universe reply :( Sorry that you're going through this. You're strong for letting that person know that you are not going to take this. I hope they leave you alone. Stay safe and to whoever is stalking you, just stop.
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