Joy Sparkle BS/Kati Smith | The Video Some Sent Threats Over

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  • SandyDiVa reply Well, she says her illness has caused her to gain 40 lbs. based on her Facebook page, she's not lying. She looks like a completely different person 40 pounds lighter. I'm not saying you're wrong, they're wrong, or that she's a con artist or liar, I'm just pointing out something that she said that I've verified to be true. I'm sick and have been searching for a diagnosis for 10 years so it's possible she is in the same position as I am. If I had a dollar for every time I've been accused of faking or being a hypochondriac is be rich. People shut up when I was diagnosed with cancer in December though and now the doctors think I have an adrenal disease (every one of my symptoms fit). All I'm saying is, until I see proof, I have a hard time believing but will keep an open mind.
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