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  • ThisWillJenks reply There is something about you that creeps me out a little bit, yet I still like you and your content
  • Hjk1223 reply Max, I just want you to know. You most likely saved a soul from suicide tonight. I dont know what would have happend, all I know is that I was on the brink of giving in. Thank you so much, I litteraly owe my life to you.
  • BirtyTorex reply This one actually made me cry.
  • Everything_Animated reply You sir are absolutely amazing.
  • Tragician reply Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ❤
  • wildchi7d reply Every word i felt like you where narrating my life and i thank you for all of us you've given your friendship to i feel like your a friend i could just talk to at any time and you'll always reply with a helpful video
  • please_hold_on reply Max this video this has taught me as well as other that I need to hold onto whatever it is I'm looking for thank you for these words of hope and encouragement this also goes to everyone going through this just please hold on
  • Phancipy reply I really like how this explores loneliness with all the gritty, dark feelings and thoughts that you get. I like how you don't shy away from the less than savory topics in your videos. I would love to see more!
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