Vlog 6 April

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  • orggladiator reply Don't worry. You'll make it through this.
  • [ – ] hollow_roo reply A very light-red filter might work for the above light. Or a burka :)
    • [ – ] YesMargaret parent reply I've diffused lights before with tissue paper (ghetto but it works!) I'll look into the light red next. I'll be putting my monitors up about 5-6" next week so hopefully that will help reduce some of the universally unflattering light shining *up* on my face. There's a lot to learn but always something to improve on!
      • hollow_roo parent reply Oh I asked my sister how she has been solving a similar thing for her bakery blog, we were talking about buttercream icing at the time, and she said that putting something very white in the background of the opposite side to the light, draws the focus away from the middle. She says a glass of milk works best for her. Mayhap this is useful information. If not at least you know a bit about photographing cakes
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