Fake Unity at the DNC - Reserved seats for actors

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  • Derpaderp reply @Stover What? No. That is not a wifi antenna. Google Wifi Antenna before you make a post that level of stupid.
  • Moneph reply http://www.ipphone-warehouse.com/valcom-v9422-sound-masking-speaker-p/V-9422.htm?gclid=Cj0KEQjw2ua8BRDeusOkl5qth4QBEiQA8BpQcDMt_VYWGsfVv-iAe6JsLGMFRe16R3oyiLg3iWkP084aAtrR8P8HAQ Still believe it's a wifi antenna? The mental gymnastics are reaching Olympic levels.
  • TruthTellers reply send it to trump he'll expose the crap out of it.
  • hectormx86 reply that's a wifi antenna
  • checkyourfacts reply Do some research next time before bitching, if you had you could have posted something accurate and informational. The arena upped their amount to about 300 wifi antennas in the 2014-2015 winter. This should be that antenna. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/antenna/installation/guide/ant25137npr.html
  • clairepimentel reply http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/384647/Cisco-Aironet-Four-Port-Dual-Band/ Didn't know Cisco sold white noise machines. Ugh, conspiracy theorists.
  • vdubs reply It's a wifi antenna. Take off your tinfoil hats. This video of Wells Fargo center is over a year old, the antenna is clearly visible on the right side of the screen at 2:52: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU7h-cYIMxI
  • Stover reply That's a wifi antenna
  • laserspewpew reply Fucking sickening. These people need to lose their ass in november badly.
  • MRNyc2015 reply spread this on twitter and facebook please
  • lulzy12 reply @checkyourfacts "Do some research next time." Okay, well first there's the link that's been posted umpteen times that shows a white noise machine that is entirely identical to the one shown in the video. And then the fact that she has done this before pretty much seals the deal: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/clinton-team-blasts-reporters-with-noise-machine-during-hillary-fundraising-speech/article/2587996
  • Angel4Autism reply Exactly those are not white noise machines...I have seen them used in concerts.
  • pajamagirl reply Those are high density wifi antennas that were installed last year. I'm a Bernie supporter, but this woman is making us all look crazy.
  • faithnomore reply It's a wifi-antenna, you bunch of morons. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/antenna/installation/guide/ant2513p4mn.pdf
  • WiFiAntenna reply https://www.amazon.com/Cisco-2-4-GHZ-DBI-PATCH/dp/B00HIXIACM
  • WiFiAntenna reply https://www.amazon.com/Cisco-2-4-GHZ-DBI-PATCH/dp/B00HIXIACM
  • American_Guero reply If you look around you can see those 'wi-fi antennas' all over. If that's what they actually were why so many? And clearly this girl recognizes that they are new from yesterday.
  • Sarahmint reply Time to switch parties for the candidate whose pledge is "I'm with you"
  • Genesys_Angel reply White noise machine? Or a speaker.
  • hiyakevin reply Only White noise there! Racists! Black noise matters!
  • micatoung35 reply Will not vote for another democrat for as long as I live. After seeing the corruption this party is involved in, there's no way I can give them my support. People really need to open their eyes to Hillary Clinton. She's a thieving, lying bitch. She's stolen millions from Haitians. After her husband's term they both stole thousands of dollars of merchandise from the white house. She let Americans die in Benghazi. She's for big corporations, not Americans. She'll run this country into the ground and smile while doing it. And, Sanders gave her his support after losing. Wtf?!? Sorry, but voting Trump#2016. He's the only one brave enough to stop the corruption of our government. He's the only one that cares more about Americans than illegal immigrants. He's the only one that'll expose the Federal Reserve Bank and audit them. He's the only one that can be somewhat trusted. I know when the whole democrat and Republican parties are attacking ONE PERSON, I have the right man for the jo...moreb. Stop the corruption and #voteTrump2016!
  • micatoung35 reply How can Bernie supporters still take him seriously AFTER he gives his support to that murderous, lying, thieving bitch?!? I'm sorry, but I can no longer support the Democrat party.
  • orionsune reply Everyone, please... It's a Cisco wifi antenna. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/antenna/installation/guide/ant2513p4mn.pdf
  • fordiman reply Seriously. The conspiracy theorists are almost as bad as 2008, when people were saying that Obama stole the nomination from Hillary. I believe "antichrist" was the word used. I guess there's always some, but ... just wow ... the outright ignorance and blindness needed to say some of these things is just amazing. For example: the Wifi antennas are in the entire building - spaced about one for every other section, pointed down because that's where people's phones are. The "California Bernie Sanders" section isn't getting special treatment. You're just not that big a deal.
  • fordiman reply @Derpaderp: Google yourself, for "Outdoor Wifi Antenna"
  • thoerner reply Definitely a wifi antenna: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/antenna/installation/guide/ant2513p4mn.html Also, fuck Hillary and fuck the DNC.
  • addicuss reply jesus christ people.. stop being idiots. Its a white noise machine? that they put in plain site? in a building full of journalists and people with cell phones? That magically makes white noise that only affects specific parts of the building or even specific people at the convention? that no one else noticed or reported on? that no one actually saw or recorded making white noise despite there being literally thousands of phones there? Take five seconds to move past your impotent rage enough to think logically through the above. Does any of that seem even remotely likely. Even if Hillary is the devil incarnate I'd like to think they'd be smart enough to not do something that blatant.
  • ebyja reply I hears someone say "hey! Thats mine!) Stereotypical Democrats trying to steal shit
  • JakeEdwards88 reply Google "White Noise Generator" Industrial. You will get your answer.
  • Angel4Autism reply NO TPP I saw the signs the first day then they disappeared maybe it is the media's problem? They are not showing any negative signs? I agree, NO TPP
  • Angel4Autism reply Oh, so instead of fighting it, vote for Trump, are you insane!!! If and only if you cannot vote for Hillary, vote for Jill Stein , Trump is insane , a pig, racist, etc... I would share this with Michelle Obama , with Bernie, Al Franken, Steven Colbert, John Stewart,. Why is Ca such a big problem? Are they blocked off for Super Delegates,movie stars? Why are you not talking to Susan Sarandon, she is a Bernie supporter???
  • IndigoL reply I don't care about wifi or white noise, but seat fillers (or whatever) instead of delegates is not good. just reposted in 10 FB groups. The word will get out...
  • ebyja reply Ive shared this on SO MANY News sites, stories and forums you should too this is absurd
  • American_Guero reply If it's a wi-fi antenna why does Facebook jeep deleting the post?
  • American_Guero reply Facebook is repeatedly deleting this as I share it. Again and again. They are right on top of things. This is democracy.
  • Stephen_Malta reply DNC survival Pro Tip: Do not be the first person to stop clapping. Let Hillary use her "stop applause" buzzer.
  • checkyourfacts reply Haha what a dumbass
  • HispanicVoter reply Hillary has been using white noise machines since the beginning of her campaign, look it up
  • HispanicVoter reply Not a wifi antenna, only disguised as one
  • Canjo reply How ironic would it be if she posted this using the wifi signal from the thing she thinks is a white noise machine?
  • HispanicVoter reply Absolutely disgusting
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