Vermont Issues 73: Vermont Democratic Party is Nearly Broke

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  • [ – ] DavyDevilution reply For me, It's 'NO YOUTUBE DAY, 29 SEP 2017' I will only follow content on VIDME, BITCHUTE & MINDS, today.
    • johnny-galt parent reply I've been using youtube since atleast '09 so switching to the other platforms takes a bit of getting used to. Slowly getting there though.
  • Pulsaran reply Yust tipped the "hat" for you a bit to help out. Keep up the great work love your channels and content as a bit of a lefty tho hehe we can see a bit of the crazy far left comming here but hope it dosnt get a foothold to much tbh ;-)
  • MKenji reply Is anyone surprised that, "Bankrupt" is the trend for state and local governments run by the Democratic Party?
  • Shimeran reply The DNC fraud lawsuit probably isn't helping either. After they pretty much admitted they'll move your donations wherever they damn well please, I've got zero motivation to let them anywhere near my money.
  • mathphysicsnerd reply Economics-the great equalizer
  • DeusExMachinaPrime1 reply They can start a socialist bake sale, made with flamingos.
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