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  • Bobalooey reply Hello UK, I think you are right. It is definitely about "normalizing the unthinkable" as a Vietnam war correspondent put it. The ultimate question, of course is "why military?" One clue is the 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo ordered by the Amercian DHS, an agency soley concerned with domestic security. Some say that number of bullets is sufficient for 20 years of a conventional war. So the perps in charge are clearly anticipating violence, perhaps a major, multinational upheaval. But to get back to conditioning, I believe that the police and army being composed of humans just like you & I are also the focus of this propaganda and training. If trouble is coming, they want to be sure that police get used to the idea of shooting citizens and arresting without due process. And you're right about criminalization of protest. Some politicians in the US and Canada have already associated protestors with "terrorism". Further, if you train police officers in this fake event environment, they...more have a chance to single out any dissenting voices within these forces prior to whatever calamity they obviously expect to come. One will note that one of Parisian cops involved in the Paris cartoonist hoax committed suicide, supposedly at his desk, while the drill was still underway.
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