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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Right!! That outro means it's time for another diss track!!!!! (Haha jokes I love it) Also consider using a lot more still images if you are a commentary channel. I upload a video it was like 20mb (I think) or so the other day most of it was text. Consider using more still images. No one ever asks me for tips to success.. but here you go. Tip 1: steal videogamedunkeys style. Or... Tip 2: make 14 fake accounts for sure... (Vidme Cop meme don't actually do that!) #LieDubbbzForPresident #LieDubbbzHasTheAnswers
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Maybe this is why you dont get asked for tips xD
      • Rawman parent reply Mushroom tips!! Oh!!! Ha! I thought they was good tips. Oh well time to revise my next video idea.
    • HeroicVillain parent reply Tip 3: follow absolutely everyone even if they've only been on for a day and will probably never post videos Tip 4: plug your channel on other people's comment sections (Rawman's favorite)
  • BrianAiya reply YEA! make content that you would like to watch and interact with the community. BEST ADVICE.
  • [ – ] MariaTheGerman reply Hahaha the disclaimer in the beginning! ;) I'm all good peeps not hurt just yet! Hehe Some serious tips there my friend serious tips for anyone starting out or just anyone on vidme! Preach it brother preach it! You know I always think if you can't sit through your own video why would anyone else do it? Honestly spot on advice :)
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Why you starting drama and shooting Maria I'm gunna complain without watching the video and seeing that you got permission!!!!
  • rebeledgeentertainment reply I was trying to convince myself numbers don't matter but I just followed 50k like Charlton cause I want to be the next to 1k followers tonight. Why did you shoot Maria like that? I know she's German and I'm Polish and historically we don't get along but still not cool bro. In all seriousness best advice is interacting with the community and not like weird news and spamming people's channels Im talking legit interaction. Once the community sees you get involved and they embrace you you're channel will grow. Always make content you enjoy. You're right in that embrace who you are as an individual and make content that showcases your passions and what you love unless you're Jared Foggle and you created an account from prison. I don't condone you're behavior and at least your no longer having to pay $5 for those footlongs you're getting every night now. Praise be to Taylor Vixen.
  • ShaxxUK reply Everyone hates their own voice. Its odd hearing your voice back on a video. I have hated my voice since I started on YouTube back in 2011. Furthermore.... #FuckRawmanSquad :)
  • [ – ] Proto reply Who wants to watch video from someone if they cant watch it themselves. Patience is pretty key here, admittedly I am a little impatient but I am doing alright so I take it. Often times I would put a lot of effort into my video for it to not be noticed, a little discouraging but eventually you get there. I agree Rocky. Also this a real rocky video :o
  • mathphysicsnerd reply I applied for verification a little too late to get in before the 50 follower minimum :-P It's a waiting game now, I just gotta try to promote myself while I'm making my new series and hope people like it enough to follow me
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Those are great tips for people starting out. Especially about the audience. Even when no one was watching my videos, I would pretend like people were.... that just sounds crazy when I say it. You put it better lol "Fuck you Rawman" haha! And you said it twice!
  • [ – ] JackTheRipoff reply you have a great point when you say that vidme is a community that focuses primarily on making the smaller creator seen, good video and some amazing points dude
  • [ – ] BigThoughts reply Great video! Growth comes with time people.... Be patient and create what you want!
  • whako reply Well said Rocky, if you put out hard work then the reward will follow soon after. Good stuff man.
  • cryptodigitator reply My biggest complaint about not being verified is that I can't put Music into the Music category. HowTF is anyone going to FIND it otherwise? It is very frustrating.
  • Brologic_Productions reply Welp, that was inspiring. To be frank ,the reason I make content is to get some sort of satisfaction out of it. A thing I can look at and say... "I did that." The funny about me interacting with the community here was 90% of my interactions were on discussion videos or in the reddit giving suggestions. I just felt the need to say something about that stuff, you know? There's also the fact that the 50 followers verification is more of a guideline than a hard rule. It's still a bit of filter for false users and the like, but not as bad if you are active on the site. I think a lot of the frustration comes from the bigger people coming here and getting verified while they still don't have access to the verified tooled. It doesn't take anything away from those not verified yet, it's not like their verification chance is taken away, but I can understand the mentality.
  • [ – ] FreshSocksFox reply I just like that people actually watch my content. This is by far....the best 8th grade party in the whole universe!
  • [ – ] Kentantino reply Always saying this 24/7 work hard in your videos do good shit people will come XD
  • wearegods reply Also putting it out there, I started out on Vidme and nobody knew who the hell I was, I'm still growing, still getting more and more views. If your content isn't grabbing people, consider changing up your content a bit, switch genre's and promote your stuff on social media. And use the hashtags for keywords to your advantage.
  • linktheinformer reply That's good advice Rocky! YouTube does compress the shit out of their videos to save their bandwidth by an amount I can't even grasp. Too many people complain and do nothing else. I'm glad that there are plenty of people here on VidMe who will complain, and then ACTUALLY do shit.
  • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames reply we're all here in the grind. your tips to save on space are good ones.
  • [ – ] BrassCandy reply Thy tags are an enigma
  • [ – ] Zimbo_Gamer reply i remember the good old days when all you had to do was ask.
  • [ – ] On_the_Other_Hand reply Thanks for the tip. I am struggling with even starting on Vidme because of the one GB weekly cap. Marcus and I have a SoundCloud podcast and were looking to go into videos. I think we are going to have to go with shorter videos. It's a shame because we love our longer format.
  • [ – ] Iannis_Hour reply soooo....u just comand to us wut to upload? BTW my vids are adited and with thumbnail and they are less than 5MB
  • CapnMintbeard reply Oh wait one more thing, having a 50 follower requirement is inherently biased towards Big YouTubers because all they have to do is drop a tweet saying hey go follow me on vidme and they'll meet that requirement and then some without actually putting any work into their channel.
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply No complaining? Why you gotta fuck with my plan A? Ok, it's on to plan B: Snarkey yet charming comments on more successful content creator's videos as well as r/Vidme Reddit. Let's hope and pray I don't have to resort to plan C: nudes on Patreon...
  • CapnMintbeard reply Also, there is a 30 minute length cap which for me means that content I made previously that I'm proud of and want to share on vidme I can't until I'm verified. Lastly, it seems the verificatipn requirements are applied unevenly. If you look at the recently verified page right now about 1/3 to 1/4 of them don't have 50 followers. It makes me wonder why. Are certain types of content favored? Do different verification team members have different opinions on if a channel should be verified? In any case, like you said I'm not going to let it stop me from creating and participating.
  • [ – ] CapnMintbeard reply That Youtube compression thing is brilliant man! I may be able to do 60fps again!
  • The_Z_Files reply Yup being true to yourself and doing the best you can is all that matters,the sooner everyone realizes that the better lol
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Good video and tips, I can definitely second being active in the community since its worked pretty decently for me. I also used to hate my voice although that's mainly because I used to sound monotone and boring even when I was happy about something lol.
  • wearegods reply Easier method? Try audio only. Use audacity, create a audio, edit it, then put it up to and use a small image to represent you or your subject and just use that resulting video.
  • BrassCandy reply If chopperguy upvotes this comment then I'll post a video of me drinking acid.
  • [ – ] The_PlanK reply nah fam... stop right there.... try being original
  • JackTheRipoff reply the whole point of being a creator is to focus on what you love, not how you can gain more followers, truest words spoken
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Everything you said is true and the emphasis on the content is more dead on than Maria the German. I'm kidding of course but you're 100% right with this video.
  • DomsPlaylist reply Should I Drop my Crazy rocky Diss track in the Comments??
  • Dreyson reply Well said fam.
  • MarketStrategies reply What does everyone think on here of the 50 follower minimum on Vidme? CrazyRocky didn't really mention it in the video, and alot of people arent happy about it
  • HeroicVillain reply Preach it, troll brotha!
  • TheCynicalCypher reply After being a content creator for over seven years, I can tell you that everything in this video is true. Although I've only been taking creating content very seriously for the last three or so years, let me say that from experience, this is difficult and there is no easy way to climb up the ranks. Yet still, I continue to work my ass off and do what I love to do because I want this to be successful and I am determined to make it so. Even if I'm small and never make it, I still will make content on this, or any other platform because, at this point, I feel it's become a part of who I am. And while there may be those videos I look back at and cringe at, there are those few videos that I look at with pride and think, "I've really outdone myself". I feel like once you accept that this isn't a get rich quick scheme and you accept that this is going to be a difficult climb, you'll be on your way to being able to create content that people will look at in awe. The one thing I absolutely love...more about the vast majority of the content creators here is the overflowing passion for self-creativity and I hope it continues to be this way. Thanks for spreading this message, man! You're doing the community a massive service!
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply Please don't use iDubbbz' Content Cop intro music. Really cringy to use the name and the music.
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