30 Days of Ugly Selfies on Instagram Social Experiment

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  • DeviousOrange reply Isn't instagram a bad medium for this experience because it's designed to share photos... so any unappealing (intentionally) pictures don't do as well?
  • RichardWendling reply I would just have to do 30 days of selfies...no challenge
  • [ – ] OnlytheGoats reply What a clever social experiment1
  • vinces2600 reply social media sucks it always has
  • RetroBit reply Oh my god the Trump dress up made me laugh pretty damn loud. I'm surprised you were netting negative followers, usually silly things like this bring people in. OHHHH. I KNEW I SAW YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE(The React episode!, haha!). That's AWESOME. That's some ballsy social experiments! Glad I tuned in!
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply "GoGoUglyFace". 4 More Years of Ugly Faces, it is. It was like watching Hitler win, wasn't it? Horrifying. Proud of you for your social experiment! Keep it up!
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