How to hack your Wii U w/ TheeMikeyJ

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  • TheeMikeyJ reply It was announced that botw was canned for the Wii U shortly after this video went live
  • TotallyGoodAtGames reply I have several questions! When Skyward Sword released, it first booted an auto-update process for the Wii. I didn't know whether or not updating the Wii would cause problems. So, I circumvented this problem by ripping the game and booting it from USB Loader GX. Upon the release of Breath of the Wild, will we be forced to update the Wii U? If so, will it cause problems? Can the problems be circumvented in a similar way with Skyward Sword and USB Loader GX? I have not tried using the internet on the Wii since I had first hacked it many, many moons ago, so I don't know if it would cause problems getting online with it. In the case of the Wii U, I understand that hacking the console specifically to play backups will limit its online accessibility. Will the hacks described in the video cause problems playing physical Wii U copies online? I've already hacked the vWii on the Wii U, but I'm extremely wary of hacking Wii U mode until the very last firmware update has been exploited.
  • TheeMikeyJ reply Next part going up on sunday
  • TheeMikeyJ reply @heresyhammer that's coming in a later tutorial.
  • HeresyHammer reply You forgot to mention that you need to own a ds virtual console game to be able to install haxchi. im finding no other way to launch the homebrew browser without using the internet browser exploit. Is haxchi the only other method ?
  • OnlyLevelOne reply When are you releasing the next video? :D
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