Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus - Episode 7: Treasure in the Depths

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  • [ – ] Trugglez reply I'm so happy someone plays Sly Cooper. This game is awesome but sadly barely anyone plays it. Nice video! :)
    • [ – ] AlRavePlays parent reply Thanks man, I actually had played this on YouTube originally but since some of my friends said that Vidme was better, I decided to post most of my YouTube videos on Vidme to be on the safe side. Hope to see you around here more often.
      • [ – ] Trugglez parent reply I'm glad you did come to or else I probably wouldent have found this channel knowing how YouTube's algorithm is right now. Anyways ill check out your channel more. Keep it up! :)
        • AlRavePlays parent reply Yeah, YouTube is getting messed up right now so I think it's best to head to Vidme while I still can. I will and thank you :)
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