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  • GarrysSombrarro reply if I upload videos can I get shoutouts?
  • MaximVB reply Not a gamer but I love the shoutout idea! 👌
  • TeddyLeeParry reply Damn trending already lol, You should record Slime Rancher
  • tonygreene113 reply We could use a bit of a shout out too...
  • HaloGamingTP reply I want a shoutout <3 Also skyrim is a good series also playing Sniper Elite 4 Might be fun to watch
  • [ – ] MutanoXD reply Can i gut a shoutout?
  • MinecraftGamePlays reply DO android games, Also no break pls
  • H1Z1Moments reply Nice video dude!
  • [ – ] Sebastation reply Record Slime rancher Batman Telltale series!
  • Ms_K reply Dope gameplay
  • LuxRayLvLX reply Clicker Heroes xD. Also don't take a break I love watching ur videos. Addicting games to record play Tales series Do Uncharted. I wouldn't get bored of minecraft. I love ur random series those 2 games were intresting
  • [ – ] Kapitania reply I would love to see skyrim and I would love to see mobile games. Also if u need suggestions on games Play For honor or GTA V or for android games clash royal or Clash of clans
  • Excell reply Did this guy lose Verification?
  • GordoGaming0 reply Good stuff man! I would love a shout out, my channel is having a hard time growing... Thanks man!
  • Shadowpython reply im back biatch
  • Revoladin reply I would really appreciate a shout out for my channel, feel free to use any video you wish my dude 😊 I would be happy to do the same for yourself let me know!
  • AlfieGames reply Great video bro, I would like a shoutout
  • IanniPowerup reply My name is IanniPowerup and this is my seccond vidme channel where I post gaming videos from the mobile device (phone , tablet etc.) I am most of times a good gamer , I have a very good learning on the mechanics and style of a game 90% of times . I wanna make big series of good games , Maby even games that are not very known on the gameplay community of the internet , I personaly think i have a good humour and style of makin vids . I'd like get a shoutout . I will start upload more now sense i am home everyday .
  • [ – ] LizzyMcGuire reply Late video lol, I wouldn't mind seeing minecraft everyday tho wouldn't get bored of it
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