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  • [ – ] SamanthaWilson reply You're lucky to have never tasted it. It is like cardboard with fake pepperoni. Chain stores are totally better. The harpies just dont want any of us to be moms anymore. Nothing will make them happy. I love being a mom and they can kiss my ass. Im raising the future productive members of society
  • [ – ] AceAcer2 reply Feminists will never be satisfied no matter what, just like the sjws. It's pointless to even try to satisfy them because the more you try the more they will ask from you till you don't have anything else to give and even then they will ask for more. My solution : don't listen to them - those feminists don't know what it is to be a mom because most of them are singles. Anyways, good video as always Suit :) Keep up the good work :D
    • knowitalltoknownothing parent reply I'll go one you better. Not only are they single, I don't think any man with a backbone would tolerate their shit for one moment. I certainly wouldn't want my kids poisoned with feminist/progressive dogma that makes them feel like they are helpless victims.
  • [ – ] jj27 reply So feminists hate women now What the fuck is happening
    • yourvagismysafespace parent reply Not only has she committed the sin of being a mom(& probably had the child with a (gag) cis white male no less), but she follows the traditional gender roles of a mother. Her hair isn't styled or dyed in a ridiculous manner & she never once mentioned her child's preferred pronouns. Even after childbirth, she's less than 1/2 the size of the standard feminist. How dare she not be obese, covered in tattoos and piercings in an effort to be as repulsive to men as possible, she's only perpetuating the appearance that's approved by cis white men in this patriarchal society.
  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply The SJWs just love to rewrite history. The red Baron was an actual person, the ace of WWI. He wasn't married, thus there was no "red baroness". It's the same as when the SJWs decided to make Thor a woman in the comic book. Thor, son of Odin is part of Norse religion. Wonder what's gonna happen when one of them decides that Jesus was a woman? Think about it, she(Jesus) called the only other woman in the group a whore, and a dozen beta males followed her around & hung on her every word. Tell me that doesn't sound like the life of an alpha bitch.
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply It tastes like tomato. Smeared. On stale cardboard
  • [ – ] MagnumTrashman reply Never had a Red Baron pizza, I mostly buy the Jack's Pizza brand...a cheaper version.
  • OleCrankyGamer reply As a single dad, I have no problem with The Baroness. This product is about a mom making something easy, cheaper than take out, so she can relax and have alone time Thought it was clever, and those badges are something I heard or said when my kids were young Oh wait, I don't count, because straight white male It's getting attacked from both sides, because narratives & reaction to that lunacy. The Feminist narrative is bitter, angry and envious. However, the opposite side, like many in the comments are pissed, because "Hey, women are trying to take over everything, including making Red Baron a Baroness!" which isn't entirely wrong, when you look at the scheme of America lately...I just think this is one of those things. I think it was a campaign that came from real American Moms, the 77% who say they are not feminist
  • Edgewood reply .....Eh. The pizza's fine if you have nothing else-and I mean *Nothing* else. But who knows? If they sell it over there, maybe they make it in a better quality. Still, it's just silly that they seem to have a love of changing history, or 'adding' to it.
  • darkridr reply Yeah, Red Baron is God-Awful, as far as taste is concerned. The crust is OK, if you don't mind cardboard, but the cheese is disgusting, and the toppings are all...well, ever not have enough money to buy groceries one week, and had to buy the generic, plain-wrap versions of what you eat? That's how their toppings taste. I don't know why anyone would have issues with the new commercials, but even the finest commercials possible wouldn't prompt me to eat there....
  • rxantos reply While I do not like their pizza, I don 't see anything wrong with their ads.
  • Leadhead reply That was awesome, we need to support companies like these that are sending healthy messages to our society, and our culture before it erodes to oblivion by all the SJW feminists on the planet.
  • Belarus-Chan reply Canadian here, never tasted Red Baron, is it American? To be honest it looks like cardboard! However, I don't see anything wrong about these ads, they show women the way they are and should be. Truth is always more empowering than fiction made up by feminists. As for the video itself, it's great, especially the fantastic editing!
  • FlyingSteamBug reply Red Baron supports family, feminism is anti-family.
  • knowitalltoknownothing reply Funny, they never really mentioned being a stay-at-home mom. So, I don't see why that's an issue in this. It was about just doing whatever it takes to make sure that kid eats, lives in a clean environment, etc. Anyone who has a problem with this ad campaign, as benign as it can be, is just looking for problems where there aren't any.
  • chairview reply its not delivery, its delissio! lol
  • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen reply "STAIN INVESTIGATOR" ummmm ... uhhhh...
    • [ – ] knowitalltoknownothing parent reply That's one case where ignorance is bliss. Unless it's blood, I don't want to know what it is.
      • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen parent reply *Dun dun daaaaah* 00:30hrs... residue of semen and feces found leading from living room sofa to garage... *Dun dun daaaaaaah*
        • GanjaGamerKen parent reply that great new candy every E.T. loves .. Reese's Feces... grab a bag to satisfy your little Extra Testicle today ... *warning Reese's Feces and E.T. the Extra Testicle are registered trademarks of Fuck like a Duck LLC*
  • GanjaGamerKen reply Red Baron pizza is one step above Ellios pizza...
  • mattytripps reply I like your old avatar better
  • Nicodemous52 reply Red Barron is middle of the road for frozen pizza. IF I'm buying frozen pizza I'm getting Jack's or Tombstone, or Mama Cozzi, all also middle of the road, but still better than Red Barron.
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