Lawbreakers Review - Worthabuy?

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  • [ – ] pilgrum reply Video looks better on here!
  • [ – ] wujtah reply Great video, or at least the first fucking minute because that's all i can watch. Jezus fucking christ the loadtimes on mobile are complete shit. Cant even change vid resolution
    • [ – ] LightBeast parent reply I don't think it's just your mobile. I've tried to watch the damn video 3 times now, and it keeps freezing around the 2:50-3:00 mark and just sits there frozen forever. I have to refresh the page. Come on, assholes. What's going on there?
      • [ – ] Zraty parent reply Yea me too. Came from the Youtube video and my internet connection is fine. The Video just stops after half a minute and seems to buffer but never resumes playback. Is this a thing?
        • JohnnyWishbone parent reply It's not Vidme I follow other channels on Vidme and not had a problem. Something must have gone wrong for Mack.
    • Leitis parent reply I used to have problems in the beginning too. Vid me is much smaller, obviously so I think they don't have as sophisticated serverbase as YT. Try reducing resolution. And yeaj, videos look better here
    • [ – ] MajorDoritos parent reply Guys, found a fix. There is an actual Vidme app on the AppStore.I downloaded it, now there isn't anymore buffering
    • Meoquanee parent reply Having the same problem here....Watched his other two vids here and they seem fine, no interuptions or freezes.
  • dunnyone reply What's the diff between this and the Youtube vid?
  • Thedopeshow reply Truely groundbreaking game, a breath of fresh air! For years monks in the Japanese mountains meditated and prayed to materialise this game into reality. A stroke of genius, this game seems so original and necessary. I cannot imagine how the gaming industy could grow without refreshing gems such as this being born out of pure need and definately not greed. I havn't played this game and probably never will as i am too in awe of its aura of immaculateness and perfection, my hands tremble too much to aim. The very name Lawbreakers alone is enough to cause my heart to yearn to worship and adore for the rest of my unworthy life.
  • GamelyPlanet reply Played the game since the Alpha, it's pretty good for what it is. The problem is that they released in a market where traditional arena twitch shooters may not have a base (I find I'm too old to keep up myself) and they released the damned thing in August. It will probably end up with a niche player-base and likely on a f2p model eventually, which is a pity. They need to include more maps and game modes pronto, if they have any hope of maintaining their player-base. Still, gg, worth popping in and out of for a bit of fun.
  • [ – ] Hyperjumper_ reply the video buffering really slowly...
  • MichaelSeibert reply Fuck youtube! They are chasing away their best creators. Will they migrate to vidme or are there other platforms?
  • K4Rt1k reply Loving it Mack! F*ck youtube :D Vidme is not bad!
  • [ – ] calum122 reply Great stuff! I am glad you have an outlet to do proper reviews. I don't want to watch the review twice. Mack domyou get money if I go to YouTube, then click on the description to view it here? Or do I need to watch the whole thing? I want to support your YT channel, but the reason why I subbed you is because of your brutal reviews. Cheers bud
    • [ – ] Worthabuy parent reply It's matter not tbh, I don't make anything from ads now on YT, 30k views used to get me $40 now I get $6 so fuck them, I can see me moving here full time in a year or so if it proves to be a good platform.
      • [ – ] LightBeast parent reply Why is that Mack, if you don't mind me asking? I'm kind of confused on what Youtube is actually doing. Is it because you just get less ads on your videos because they flag it as 'possibly inappropriate' or whatever? I thought it was either approved or not approved for ads, but sounds like there's different levels of advertising they will approve your videos for. What a disaster over there.
        • Worthabuy parent reply Well they just flag my videos at random it seems, for example Archangel which is not breaking any rules got flagged which means I will not earn more than $6 for that video but worse still if more and more videos get flagged they flag your entire channel, if that happens am moving here full time, I actually like the quality here compared to YT. I don't make any ad money here but am not really earning it on YT, this platform relies on tips. I would rather take my chances here than keep giving youtube money.
      • calum122 parent reply Ah sweet. Well I signed up to here to follow you. So I will try to watch them on here. Good luck bus!
  • Lets_Play_Old_Games reply Great to see you here Mack! And uncensored Mack is even better.
  • mrelephanteatingman reply gonna have to remember to keep checking on here from now on. Cant miss a thing!
  • AttilaTheKern reply You'll have my support forever mate.
  • MichaelSeibert reply Hey Mack, your Witcher 3 reviews are missing on youtube! Did they get taken down?
  • basic_goku reply Yeah 🅱️
  • IMMentat reply sound like I expected it to be, fun, ability heavy but low engagement. Multiplayer has never held me outside of the complex games (planetside, early counterstrike, Day of Defeat original mod, and MMO raiding. Glad it exists but I'm saving my money.)
  • Game_Grifter reply nice one im new to vidme, like your content, nicely done
  • John_Daly reply .. just to say, buffering was very slow for me, I live in the UK and you tube at the same time was fast as usual ... so dunno
  • JesseDee reply Nice vid! Just wish I could watch on Chromecast. Vidme doesn't support that in app yet.
  • SirTreborius reply Hey Mack! I`m so happy to see that You found this way to share Your true, hard-core Mackness :)) And I was also surprised that the quality on Youtube was worse, even when I set it to high settings...and here it`s really good :O And off topic: You really got me hyped on Day of Infamy, especially with Your streams, I`m very tempted to buy it :D
  • Revoladin reply Was that grandad genji at 9:00 ?
  • SuperSteve84 reply I've signed up to Vidme to listen to your uncut videos Mack! Hopefully this platform will grow and dwart YouTube. They need to get the message!
  • GameSlam reply It is indeed a shame that LB didn't wank you off like it should have!
  • Relyc reply i cant even watch it doesnt buffer
  • Carm3D reply Thanks for the great review! Looks like fun.
  • TrainerDarkrai reply Loving the new vidme working. Hilarious as usual.
  • Bendelorm reply Why do you bleep out the fucks? thought this was going to be uncensored..
  • Bendelorm reply Why do you bleep out the fucks? thought this was going to be uncensored..
  • Revengex reply It's just quake 3 team arena or unreal tournament.
  • Deathmar reply Another great review and thank you for introducing me to VIDME!
  • Hazardous_Bill reply Their advertising strategy would have gone over a lot better if they actually brought in well known Youtubers like TotalBiscuit or Jim Sterling. Would have showed more confidence in their product
  • nathan9374 reply Great vid Mack, no fucks given there haha, dunno if it's just on mobiles or tabs but can't change res and the sound is shit on here. Weather you can do anything about that I don't know. Take it easy.
  • thumbtackjake reply It looks all good and fun, but at the same time I feel like it's also a "Me Too" shooter, and I just find it hard to justify dropping money on it, even if it is only $30. Especially with already owning Overwatch as well as all the F2P options.
  • ShaxxUK reply I just bought this game and the match making was amazing. There was 1.8K players when I joined a game in literally the snap of my fingers. I have proof because I was streaming at the time. The longest I've had to wait so far is 30 seconds. Lastly of the 4 games I've had I've come top 3 times. 3rd on my first game. I think this game is great! Honestly I prefer it over OW, then again I was never a massive fan of OW.
  • theviolater reply We will support you no matter what platform you choose mack!😁
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