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  • Iorek_Vodatee reply I have the annoying ex-boyfriend who repeatedly tells me that I'll never find someone like him again, to which I tell him that that's the point
  • SmolBeanKatie reply I had an ex who's mom use to try to break us up and would cause fights and one time she even texted me off his phone pretending to be him breaking up with me. It was crazy
  • [ – ] toisse reply Do you get points for comments and what do they do?
  • [ – ] Remicat reply wait so... all your ex boyfriends cheated on you? and all of them tried to use you basically? how many boyfriends have you even had to make a 5 types? also, where are the ones that just drop you from your life never to talk with you again? or are they not counted as a type?
    • [ – ] JaclynGlenn parent reply I've had a pretty shitty dating history. 3 cheated and 1 tried to cheat but failed because the other girl was uninterested lol. I've been in 4 serious relationships so those are the ones I'm commenting on here :P Some examples are mixes of a couple since they all had different horrible traits aside from being unfaithful pieces of shit :) Maybe it's because I live in LA.
      • [ – ] Remicat parent reply Damn, well, hopefully it will turn out better for you in the future then. I'm not sure if that's an LA thing though, but then again, i have never been to LA ^^' At least i get the sad view you have on the ex boyfriends you have now. Keep up hope is my suggestion to you, there will be someone out there who's right for you :)
  • [ – ] SmultronsyltNatha reply I had an ex who tried to guilt me into getting back together with him. He said I ruined his life. I don't even think he tried consciously to manipulate me in that way, but that was the effect. Anyway, I managed to resist it and now we are both in separate happy relationships.
    • VoltaicFire parent reply Sounds like a bit of separation anxiety and depression or he was doing it on purpose... Unless you're talking more than 4 months later in which case it was definitely on purpose (and weird lol). I'm glad it worked out though, it's a sort of happy ending ☺
  • FrostyGalaxy reply Awesome video it was really funny
  • Freddy_Altina reply "Pull". Bahahaha!! Jaclyn, I love you lol. I'll support you on any platform!!!!
  • [ – ] HeyItsNikkkk reply ughhh one of my ex boyfriends will NOT LEAVE ME ALONE!! It's honestly to the point where he keeps trying to touch me and follows me around. A couple days ago he tried to kiss me. We broke up 4 months ago and after he called me a bitch and decided to tell all of our friends untrue stories. Now he's trying to, again, touch me and even kiss me. He's so. fucking. annoying.
  • alexisnichole08 reply Have my children 😂
  • Ireallyreally_Hategoogle reply I think i saw this video on an awful site that doesn't respect creators. ;-)
  • [ – ] Mental_Gymnast reply Who did you copy this from?
  • BlueDalek reply I'm none of these- but Keep making types of ex-boyfriends until I see the one I match...
  • ronaldkreider reply Wow! I was the first to leave a tip on this video! Now I know that I will become a famous atheist like you! lol I bet god is pissed at me for tipping you. lol
  • VoltaicFire reply "everyone knows you're so fake... because I told them" lol!
  • [ – ] CoreyTheEditor reply Can you guys check out my channel? I make great content. Thanks!
  • CyniKay reply That Onision shade... Welcome to Vidme Jaclyn! It's pretty sweet here.
  • twhippyxox reply I have an ex that is all of these things to a tea
  • NapoleonBonaparteRising reply Richie love, Richie is life. He is also very good at diverse styles.
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