5 Reasons YouTubers Make Videos

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  • BrianAiya reply I want to see 5 reasons why youtubers left Youtube and joined Vidme
  • [ – ] GalvanizedDream reply Where is this "Like Button" you speak of?
  • pokematic reply I'd say I do it for those 5 reasons (though the fact I've only made like $100 in the 8 years on 7 platforms means I'm more of "the potential to make money"), but another reason that keeps me making loads of content is a bit of a singularity thing. If I make videos on pretty much everything that I have an opinion on, I'm in a way "downloading my consciousness" and part of me will live on forever at different stages in my life. One cringes at their early videos because one almost always cringes at things they did when they were younger (and now I think I'll record a video on my singularity theory).
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