Wonder Woman - Movie Review

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  • [ – ] POVincent reply Nice review, dude. I agree that the CGI was spotty in certain areas. It was one of the faults I was brought up in my review, as well. However, the faults are few and it's a damn good movie over-all.
    • [ – ] Gfox_1 parent reply and thank you for the kind words
      • POVincent parent reply Hey, man. Don't worry about forgetting to mention that. I forgot to give Patty Jenkins credit in my review haha. So comparatively I think you're fine and no problem.
    • Gfox_1 parent reply Agreed. I wish I had mentioned about the over reliance on slow motion. I only remembered after i'd uploaded. The first few times it was cool, but afterwards I just wanted to see things in real time :)
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