The Crowd Was Yelling "Kill Them" | Michael Lindskog, Boston Free Speech (Part 2)

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply ANTIFA time is coming to an end as not the Democrats are calling them domestic terrorist. Nancy Pelosi has called for their arrest, as it has become apparent to most Americans that ANTIFA isn't peaceful, so the Democrats know they can't defend a gang of thugs as the people know the truth so they are now also calling for the police to arrest and put ANTIFA into prison. CNN and MSNBC are calling then violent agitators on the far left. Pelosi condemns ‘violent actions’ of antifa protesters utm_term=.dcbf6852beb4
  • big_g reply What I don't understand is that with civil rights clearly being violated and local police allowing it to happen, where is the federal gov't? Obama wasn't shy about investigating local law enforcement where there might have been civil rights or hate crime violations - even when it didn't look to be the case to any rational person. I'd argue that It's at the point we need the National Guard activated to protect freedom of assembly and speech demonstrators and mass arrest of violent mobs.
  • [ – ] thoughtcrime1984 reply Has anyone any information on why the police are being ordered to stand down? I saw a random comment online (super reliable, I know) which suggested that this is part of a larger, more long-term effort to infiltrate Antifa, with plans to make major busts down the line. I haven't considered the possibility too deeply, but might it be possible that the stand-downs aren't so much left-wing mayors / authorities saying "fuckit", and that there's a method to the seeming madness? I don't know why they wouldn't just wanna nip this problem in the bud, but maybe there's bigger picture stuff I'm missing? Sounds like it could be a bit of a stretch, but perhaps not? I dunno. (Also, is anyone else getting really glitchy audio out of this vid?? I am..)
    • LibertyDoll parent reply Unfortunately the raw video had a lot of dropped frames and dropped audio, so I salvaged what was acceptable. As for why they were told to stand down, I'm hoping to get the rest of my interview with Samson Racioppi out asap. He had some theories, including that it was part of a widespread effort to control the narrative in order to work through upcoming legislation.
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply They wanted a fight so they could say both sides are bad since all the violence has come from the left
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