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  • GraeMarino reply Yes, there is a struggle from within, but I do think, in terms of not so much society making people evil but in the experiences and encounters of their own lives and abilities or lack thereof to cope is what can wear down a person to the point that they no longer care. The internal struggle will always be there, as well as the ability to choose light or dark. It is a matter of free will for the most part, but once one is spent...their just spent. All have a breaking point. Celebs are no better. They are human. We've seen and heard about the highs and lows of plenty. They are grey as well, regardless how well-rounded they appear, it's a presentation.
  • [ – ] boz71 reply We're grey unless you're a celebrity. They're better than all of y'all
  • [ – ] GraeMarino reply I think we of course begin as good (light) and innocent and of course naive. Life and its cards dealt to you play a key role in how you end up. Some of course are born with evil tendencies (dark) but again, I believe, aside from genetic mental illnesses, a healthy child even born this way, given the most decent examples and opportunities and guidance could grow and become good (light). Whereas, the same goes for the opposite. A chaste child could be corrupted by evil guidance...for example: ill-taught morals, values, and delusions.
    • kernowLifeMix parent reply See I don't agree with the liberal view that society makes people evil. I don't disagree with your viewpoint as such either but without resorting to eastern mysticism we have our own versions in the west like Rosicrucianism which does indicate the struggle with light and dark within. :)
  • [ – ] Nicodemous52 reply Back on Aug 1st on I had a post about this very topic. I am of a mind that "gray" insofar as morality is concerned, doesn't exist, it is an illusion. I to sum it up, I think that gray is something we fool ourselves into seeing when we don't want to admit that something is right or wrong. Something we see when we want to conflate sympathy with justification, or when we want to excuse ourselves or others from taking proper action. I also think gray comes into play when we honestly don't know if something is right or wrong. I think these situations are extremely rare, but I do think they happen, so if we don't know we may decide it is "gray", but in my mind not knowing the answer isn't the same as there being no answer. I however, don't begrudge others their view of the world because to me, freedom is a good, and for me to try and trample that would be a bad.
    • [ – ] kernowLifeMix parent reply Interesting, I think the state of being is generally neither good nor bad it's mostly a mixture of both which I see as grey. I do like this line of thinking though it seems to inspire lots of different thought processes.
      • [ – ] Nicodemous52 parent reply Oh, on that I would agree. If we leave the realm of the theoretical and philosophical, I'd agree that the vast majority of people are neither demons nor angles. I think all of us have an evil base nature, but I think civilized society helps us overcome that base nature, and some do a better job of it than others.
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