This Week in Stupid (09/04/2017)

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  • [ – ] wocassity reply Even though I watched this on Youtube already, I'm gonna watch it here on Vidme cuz YT sucks. I'll watch all your videos here from now on.
  • ScottStevenErickson reply I finally jumped on the Vidme life raft too.
  • DH1717 reply I've been wondering how many people who have been encouraged by their parents and others to change genders will come forward in 10 or 20 years or so and say "HEY ,I was a KID ,why would you let me make a HUGE decision/mistake like CUTTING THINGS OFF? And now what do I do"??....
  • Phantom_of_the_Internet reply You know what I really miss? Natural Selection.
  • Atheist_of_the_North reply Life really does imitate art. A while back I did a video taking the piss out of the 'Trans-Tumblers' and had a character claiming that skin colour was a social construct. FFS *holds heads in hands*
  • MarkWhippy reply This womans got some kind of mental condition.
  • godfree2 reply video stalls with -6:46 to go. download as MP4 works well
  • gomotherobin reply The first few comments you really expect anyone to read those essays
  • reloader reply Spokane is pronounced "spoke-anne" for future reference. We silly Americans and our weird spellings...
  • BrandonVork reply Love the videos on Vidme. The share options to CuckBook actually shares in a play on the spot box frame. Ten times more efficient than youtube shares on FB. For some reason people on FB will hardly ever click on a youtube posts to watch. They only click on square frame insta play posts. Don't ask me why it just is a fact. Videos shared on here to FB I think will drastically increase your viewer base.
  • hoofed reply The *trans people go to a lot of effort therefore we should play along with their delusion* is about as convincing as: the producers of soy protein go to great effort to make their substitute chicken products have a vaguely similar taste and texture to chicken so we should pretend chicken flavoured soy protein really is chicken. Nope. Rachel is white. Brianna is a man. Chicken flavoured soy protein is chicken flavoured soy protein.
  • [ – ] Goxy287 reply riptube, we switchin to vidme said no one ever
  • elementols reply I think it can be debated on whether or not you are a journalist based on the fact most journos today simply write opinions about tweets so ....
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