ANTIFA: Media Backed Terrorists

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  • [ – ] badassengineer reply Yeah, I just breeze through mainstream media headlines to see what narrative they're trying to push, when both CNN and Fox are in agreement is when I worry.
  • Auceza reply Black Pigeon Speaks is pure journalism.
  • [ – ] Muddywaters reply Antifa is an organised political group and it is clearly communist and globally directed. They have uniforms, flags, chants, programs and training. The organisation is an identifiable group that deliberately hides its members and leaders. They act like a street gang that utilises a range of people from paid idiots to idealistic kids looking to rebel. They are a real and present threat to the free world and those useful idiots who support them will be the first to go if they take over.
  • [ – ] samjip reply Starting my Google Exodus. Gonna to watch here from now on.
  • [ – ] TravisHund reply If you haven't read Styx's book 'Nazi's, Commies and Terrorists' you should. It basically explains exactly what's going on right now between the fringe left and fringe right and why. It's really interesting.
      • [ – ] Auceza parent reply Nazis, Commies, And Terrorists: How the western world became what it fought and how to fix this problem ... JOIN ME ON BITCHUTE! ...
  • [ – ] mattytripps reply Why the fuck hasn't Trump done anything about this communist group yet? Does he not care about his own supporters that have been getting attacked in the streets since the campaign?
    • supernova743 parent reply Overall he can't really intervene in local issues without permission from local governments. He can condemn them or declare them a terrorist group but he can't just swoop in and wipe them out.
  • Politics_N_Games reply Even the Daily Mail are damage controlling Antifa.
  • Cyriu reply What is Antifa? A miserable little pile of communist!
  • rxantos reply Antifa: Useless idiots.
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply Antifa is Jewish. No one else will say it. These Whites that live in White only areas would not want to rub shoulders with niggers (and you are reading correctly). But it is OK for the White working class. Well, the White working class died out. All their areas are now Black. Antifa ... they will come for your homes next. You middle class white wankers, enjoy your own destruction. You cowards.
  • AZMICK reply I tried to report the local antifa group to FB for threats of violence. They don't think antifa is a problem and are within the "community standards " even though they post pix and events that call for violence.
  • goaheadbeoffended reply ANTIFA is a terrorist group. Period. The media agrees with the violence but will never publicly admit it. At least not right now.
  • Meganax reply They support communism. Its one of the protocols. So this isn't rocket science here.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Commies gon commie
  • nibris reply To be fair, Antifa isn't the only terrorist organization the MSM supports. The MSM is unreasonably tolerant and sympathetic towards traditional terrorist groups like ISIS (I would say inexplicably tolerant, but if you understand the perverse logic of the left it's actually kind of easy to explain: the MSM, along with most liberals, want to the whites punished for the sins of their ancestors, and Islamic terrorists provide the means because they carry out their attacks against predominately white countries, so if anyone objects you can crucify them as a racist and use them as an example of why whites deserve the "judgment" wrought by Middle Eastern extremists)
  • ClimatePonziLie reply News Today: Breaking: ANTIFA just Changed Their Flag and It’s Scary!
  • ClimatePonziLie reply This has to be one of the dumbest people on the planet, claims too be a prof Owen makes fun of her stupidity. SHOCK VIDEO: Trump Protester Claims Ben Carson Is Not Black
  • [ – ] mousesqueak reply Antifa's Cheka roots are coming out.
    • mousesqueak parent reply Antifa, JDL, Jewish Bolshevik revolutionaries, Cheka: all the same scum. 80% of the Bolshevik government were Jewish. Fact. 100% of Cheka's leaders were Jewish. Read more:
  • mousesqueak reply Antifa is the same as the Jewish Bolshevik revolutionaries. They are supporting Jewish power against the majority. Just like the Jewish Bolshevik revolutionaries, or "antifa", they use violence in demonstrations, manipulate minorities, promise "equality" and "freedom" and "free goodies like health care, education bla bla bla". The peasants and workers got tricked and millions of them ended up starved and in the gulags. Three famines followed in which people would eat other people. You don't want to go there. Antifa is Jewish through and through. They are JDL in another incarnation.
  • freethatsfunny reply Weird, I didn't see this on UTube BP?
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