#MeetTheArtist Challenge Speed Art! (Meet The Artist)

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  • [ – ] GauteAnimation reply I've been doing 3d for 6 years ish, but taught myself to draw last summer so I can also start with classical animation. I draw frame by frame on paper and color it in Photoshop. Digital drawing would had been awesome to do, but with my economy. I can't really get a hand of any equipment to do so. My Computer, scanner and a bunch of paper is my life now. I've also learned to program this year so I've started little by little to play around with game design. When it comes to spiders and such, I've got to hold a tarantula, a couple of King boas and an other yellow snake which I don't know the name of. If I do have some phobias, they sure are good at hiding. Found it funny that you struggle to spell after drawing, I find it familiar as if I've focused on drawing, animating or programming in quite some time. I will mess up everything else I try to do after that x)
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