8 Tells if a woman is into you ✚ ➳ [FIDGET MEME]- Mr2ndopinion.com - 0124

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  • thevoidisfull reply Great points in the video!
  • [ – ] mr1van reply You make an excellent point about shy women expecting more. These are the type of women I tend to typically be more attracted simply because I have a more intimate connection. Not to say a more outgoing woman will have a dull personality either, but I simply connect more with the type who are more eccentric.
    • Mr2ndopinion parent reply I don't like shy girls at all... :) Because they expect more of you but they never see you are good enough already! They most of the time are insecure and I don't feel connected to people who feel like that. I feel welcome in the world. :)
  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply I know! If you don't think i'm a 9.3 up vote this video! :) Big lols, love you folks!
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