The Illusion of Suicide

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  • [ – ] Barrahcuda reply Thanks for the share time old boy, im somewhere around my 7th year sober and im pretty sure im the opposite of you, I live like a spartan and mental health came all on its own. Takes an awful amount of discipline to deliberately live with as little as possible. Im loving vidme, i just wander through the weird wide web and find unusual people to enjoy. Best regards
    • Interconnect_ parent reply Thanks for the kind words amigo! Its not through choice really, i have tried so many times to get back into work but i have cycles of depression that i cant keep at bay....its all coming together but slowly slowly. Appreciate you reaching out man, living like a spartan sounds good, glad you are free from the trap many people snared like flies in a Sundew. Keep up the good work man and thanks again, blessings!
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