Gyoza's with Ponzu Dipping Sauce - All About Dumplings with TillyEats

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  • [ – ] LazyCook reply Gyoza - like Japanese potstickers, awesome!
    • [ – ] tillyeats parent reply I wrote about the difference between Gyoza's and Potstickers here - Here in Australia we just call then Gyoza's, I don't i've ever heard them called potstickers.
      • LazyCook parent reply Yes, I found it after I wrote this comment. Interesting about the military origin. Great work Tilly, your star is on the rise!
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Gyoza. Mouth watering gyoza 😍 now I can attempt to make something edible. Great stuff Tilly
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Quality content...very difficult to troll, though. :/ It's like, "Look at that bowl...that's a stupid bowl...stupid bowl being all bowly like it's trying to be a ball but just coudn't quite make it" Nah, pretty weak, but I like gyoza so it's all good.
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