7% Of Americans Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows

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  • [ – ] MisterHan2000 reply Stop cow racism and gun violence against avocados!
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply I bit most of the people who make that 7% are either trolling or are kids.
    • [ – ] InternetUnwind parent reply That was what my dad said when they brought this up on the news. He figures they were kidding and didn't tell the poll taker they were kidding.
      • November_Fox parent reply I hope we're right. However, odds are one or two people who took the survey legitimately think chocolate milk comes from brown cows.
  • ohmightyvlog reply Chocolate Milk are Milk and Hershey syrup lol
  • InternetUnwind reply Funny thing is I saw a bunch of people from outside the country posting articles that claimed it was 79% of americans. They were talking about how the entire country is inept. It is kinda ridiculous though, by the logic of chocolate milk in cows based on skin color... Black guys..... nevermind.
  • MontroDeMaraco reply im not surprised
  • NeckbreakerNadine reply I like chocolate and I like cows
  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply Not knowing where the food comes from - including chocolate milk is not new and can probably be applied to everywhere in the world. Like in Denmark there's many children while few Adults mainly in the big cities who are in doubt. We got a free education system through it happens due to supermarket, fast food restaurants etc. Poor Avocado. Lol, I would never wear a bathing suit like that. XD but it's cool.
  • [ – ] insaneonthemembrane reply I know understand how the CLITONS got away with their crimes.
  • GaryTurbo reply This is why education should be treated as a right
  • ELBADGAMER reply hahahahahah this yankis are all a little crazys :V
  • MUMS-Universe reply #allbad Lol
  • CombatRaven reply I remember that when I was like 5, I thought chocolate milk comes from brown cows. 16.4 million Americans had the same intelligence as 5 year old me.
  • ClaytonCarmine7 reply I'm UTTERLY saddened by this, soon people will be moooving away from the U.S. to get away from this stupidity.
  • Johnsee186 reply People are stupid a simple Google search will tell you chocolate milk is not natural chocolate milk it's regular milk mixed with chocolate
  • Salty_Dawg reply I also heard people believe that strawberry milk come from gay cows. I'm not joking, people in the world actually believes that lol
  • J_Ellen reply I told my partner this 2 days ago. He didn't believe me until I showed him. I'm sorry but how dumb do you have to be to believe that shit. WTF is happening with USA's education.
  • Dazzlinglatte reply I think it was a squirrel shootout. 🥑🐿🔫
  • anthm reply The 7% are probably more right than the 97%. Question, how many brown cows are there? If the majority of milking cows are brown, then the majority of milk comes from brown cows. Ergo, chocolate milk comes from brown cows.
  • anthm reply There are a lot of brown cows...!!!
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply that avocado is a kinder egg gone wrong!
  • DaemonGameZ reply More like 6% of American have a sense of humor and are willing to lie on some dumbass survey. Dubmass
  • GoMGTOW reply .... And Hershy Bars are made from chocolate flavored cow manure.
  • Rendar reply I thought chocolate milk was normal milk but the cow popped in it a little.
  • jasonlee3071 reply Well I always thought that white milk could only come from white cows. Which makes me just as bad :)
  • Eggm4n reply I read the headline about this and shook my head. Didn't bother to read the article.
  • Makoto_Chan reply Strawberry milk comes from Pink Cows. Oh, wait...
  • yuiopads reply The avocado was part of a gang and died protecting his homies.
  • Trap_Luverz reply Heh, and apparently some people think the sun is the Virgin Mary. Great vids keep it up.
  • arenelomax reply Technically chocolate milk does "come from brown cows", just not exclusively and with added ingredients.
  • CrazyRocky reply What if 7% of people are actually just trolls...
  • Kaleidoscope-Ish reply a lot more still believe the world is flat so. . . .
  • GaryLiebler reply How now brown cow.
  • MLGplayar reply What's next?! MLG!!
  • DjEutopia reply I wonder what the percentage is about smart water or smart cars?
  • roshugaming reply lol umm what
  • lambdog76 reply If you make your own chocalate milk, does the producing cow turn brown? My avocado theory is - possible hoax
  • Iannis_Hour reply u were talking about that 7% is autistic people ?
  • SamEarl13 reply I wonder what they'd answer if you asked the people that legitly think that where Banana or Strawberry milkshake comes from.
  • Aaronshy reply Maybe a shooting occurred in the store and the bullet hit the avocado.
  • whako reply Let them believe what they want hahaha oh we're screwed.
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