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  • [ – ] TastyMacros reply I deal with stress with the gym. Put some music on and lift some heavy weights. Other than that I play a pick up game of football once a week with friends, whatever is going on in the week vanishes once the whistle goes and the game starts.
  • [ – ] GoMGTOW reply Meditation... Meditation by far is a powerful de-stressing technique. It requires patience and discipline, yet at the same time it is very therapeutic and relaxing.
    • [ – ] TimThebodeau parent reply I've actually never tried this! I just suppose it's because I'm a very fidgety person and I can never stay in one place for too long without wanting to move. This is something I'll definitely have to try out! Thank you for checking out the video!
      • GoMGTOW parent reply I recommend you find a good meditation guide to assist you.... Meditation is a discipline, and it can be very difficult for beginner and novices alike... Your first time will be difficult. So I would shoot for increments first. Try for fifteen minutes, and build yourself up to thirty and so on. Namaste MGTOW! :D
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Hello there Dude if you have been through stress you need to take a chill pill and find something constructive to do into calming your nerves, going to the gym, having a good swim out, listening music and sketch drawing to calm your stress bro so don't get negative get in a way of your mind, I hope this information will help you to calm your video, also congratulations on reaching over 100 followers you really truly deserve it just keep it going bro, peace.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply I'm not that good at dealing with stress but I'll usually alternate between playing games, watching things or listening to music with a cup of tea and maybe a few biscuits to relax.
  • [ – ] TastyMacros reply Love this mate. I've been a sub (on youtube) for over a year now and this may be your best video.
    • TimThebodeau parent reply I seriously do appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. I'm glad I'm able to make content like this now being that it's a new community!
  • [ – ] TimThebodeau reply Thank you guys for checking out the video! The details on how I'd like you guys to get involved will be towards the end of the video (after the gym). I think we can really make a huge stride in helping people since VidMe is a small community, thus making it a ton easier to connect! Have a great start to the week!
  • [ – ] TheDreamFlow reply Meditate
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply I couldn't agree more. I actually made a vlog a little while ago when I had a shit time at work. It's not always sunshine and rainbows and sparkles. Despite "fun times" is in my name, but I'm acutely aware that life is a roller coaster full of ups and downs and we're all on this wild ride together. How I deal with stress--not anxiety (that's different)--usually leads to video games. Or watching Let's Plays. Sometimes eating lots of snacks happens. Sometimes loud music helps. It depends on my emotional state and environment. Congratulations on 100 followers!
    • TimThebodeau parent reply Thank you so much Calibri! I really think it's good you put that video out because it lets everyone out there know that they're not the only one struggling with the everyday stresses of life. Keep up your videos! I have a ton to catch up on!
  • [ – ] UnkindScourge reply Try stressing this "no way of getting a job, has a girlfriend but is too poor to literally even take 5 steps out of the city, no way of getting help from anyone on the internet nor at home and no one gives a shit whether you exist and people always saying your retarded, crazy, a witch for some fucking reason or JUST TALKING CRAP CAUSE YA STOOD YOUR FUCKING GROUND SO MAYBE THINK OF HOW OTHER PEOPLE FEEL!!! FUCK I HAVEN'T GOTTEN SLEEP IN IDK! 19 maybe 20 hours which doesn't seem like much due to getting tired at every 14 hours but.....idk i don't fucking know what to do, I've tried almost everything other than drawing hentai or selling my fucking soul,
    • [ – ] TimThebodeau parent reply Hey man, that's what we're all here for and that's why I put out this video. I want it to be an outlet for people to vent how they're feeling and possibly get help from the community! Why do you feel like no one cares about you?
      • UnkindScourge parent reply I'm a dreamer and a doer. That's what makes me different and everyone just doesn't care what happens, they're all so self centered, if they'd realize i would help if they'd help me then i can show them but with me being at the bottom of almost everything i can't do much without someone basically being a climber, way more metaphorical
      • UnkindScourge parent reply Sorry i acted like an asshole, i kinda bottle up my anger and mostly it's either no one wants to listen or even spend 5 seconds just to take one look, can you believe I've done absolutely nothing on google plus yet i somehow have over 20000 additional views for every month yet nearly no one comments not +es anything so it's like "what are people doing" but most that's just an inconvenience it's mostly cause my ideas are treated like trash even though if i only had someone to...well listen and to help me do want i want like maybe make a synthetic quartz farm YES it sounds completely crazy but it gives off electricity when under pressure and i read that 1 centimeters of quartz with 500lb of force will give off more than 12000 volts, seems far fetched but I've never had the chance to do what my heart tells me unless it's to say something to a girl i love. So ya see it's just the problem is the country is too dependent on money that so much that people with ideas will soon just die cause t...morehey live with people that don't believe in them just cause the rest have failed so far
    • [ – ] GoMGTOW parent reply Step out side of your own box and then correct yourself.
      • [ – ] UnkindScourge parent reply That like telling someone that sees things you don't see to stop acting weird
        • TimThebodeau parent reply Hey man, I completely understand what you're saying. I may not have had the exact same things happen to me, but I know what it feels like to be shunned by people who you thought were close to you. I really found it useful to just create my own reality and not care too much about what people think. Creating videos has really helped me with expressing whatever I'm feeling rather than keeping it all bottled up. Venting to a camera is almost like venting to a person!
        • GoMGTOW parent reply Uh... Not really. It may be more difficult for some than others, but sometimes it is prudent to step off the path your on and pause to read the map.
  • [ – ] Xorxon reply Too lazy to watch video but here's my advice anyway. If you have a girlfriend have a go at her then go to sleep. Otherwise just rub one out and go to sleep.
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