My Shitty Youtube Content & How I Can Get Better | WU #10

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  • AmandaFood reply I know what you mean trying to fit in with how other yters are and realizing uhh no thank you. Writing is fun. Good video.
  • OrionBlastar reply You could go on Fiverr and offer $5 gigs of doing character voice overs and posting a link to your followers on Twitter and other stuff. It would be a better hobby than trading Steam cards. Each gig you do is $5 so if you do two gigs that are like one foil trading card.
  • OrionBlastar reply Oh yeah, I tried that writing thing about 10 years ago, still trying to figure out a way to earn money on it. Youtube censored some of my works that were podcasts. I am still trying to learn how to edit videos. Want to become better, just practice a lot in art, writing, etc.
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