Regarding #Morethanarefugee I Want to Help Refugees Too, Here's How to Accomplish That

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  • I3UTM reply There was a cartoon, which I cannot find it now unfortunately, from a Libertarian blog that had a comic strip about how to deal with the Refugee crisis. On one side, the Leftish character said to bring them all in, regardless of who it is. The Rightish character said to ban all refugees indefinitely. The character in the middle said to stop bombing them and both the Left and the Right, promptly threw the middle character out the window. I feel like this comic strip represents this video and my perspective, very well.
  • wolfalexzemla reply every family we blow up in the middle east has a cousin who is now hell bent on destroying the west for allah.
  • wolfalexzemla reply Unlike hong kong africa is rich with natural resources. No need to go live off the white mans back like the liberals teach you. Too many handouts make them dependent minded and breed like rabbits, then a huge mess. No new migrants
  • ThomasSilvey reply Agreed look at what the US is doing with Bush II, Obama and now Trump, they are giving millions of dollars in weapons to bomb other countries which causes the refugee crisises' to begin with... People don't want to listen when these terrorist attacks take place, this is where is coming from, its the American foreign policy which finds ways to do regime change and fucks the country up... What a shitshow.
  • Cmygo reply tl;dw refugees welcome man, stop destroying their countries T-T, the west is not superior!!! REEEEEEE, they want to have their own culture (so they can flee from the same situations again)
  • Lonecomplex reply Petrodollar hard at work Styx. We will never be done fighting OPEC's wars. Or AIPACs either. Hegemony has been going on for ages. It won't stop now. Not until everyone is buried in generations of debt and the central banks are set for another 100 years.
  • Rando91 reply Bruh war needs to be an all or nothing situation or else we'll keep having all these half ass police actions that cause way more death and suffering than a standard old school war.
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