A Familiar Face! | Let's Play Assassin's Creed Revelations | EP#05

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  • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games reply Hi, quick question, is this a blind let's play(are you playing this for the first time?). Also what version is it, i.e steam,ps3 etc or the ezio trilogy remastered from last year ? Enjoying watching you play, makes me want to play this again and maybe make a let's play as well. This was one of the assassin's creed games that I did not spend too much time exploring and finding all the collectibles(I got every feather in AC II for example, all the painting etc..)
    • [ – ] Smithy1294 parent reply Hi, any question is welcome :) This is probably my 50th? play through by now, hence why this is a little 'rushed' in terms of just doing the main story, but trying to get through all the games before the new one is released is quite a hassle :P This is the PC version using and xbox controller as the games are a bit 'janky' with mouse and keyboard in my opinion. You should really check it out! It's a great game to 100% as well :)
      • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply I agree these games are meant to be played with a controller. I initially played the first assassin's creed game with keyboard and mouse and it was struggle especially the final fight.Took me about 50 attempts before I managed to get him. I think the 3 Ezio games and black flag are the best AC games. I lost interest after black flag, I own Rogue but haven't played it yet,did not bother with Unity and Syndicate. I recently did a full let's play of the Chronicles game on my YouTube channel and I thought they were okay too. I might try and get Unity and Syndicate in the steam sales coming up if they are cheap.
        • [ – ] Smithy1294 parent reply Yeah absolutely controller games. Unity was good Syndicate was better i think, not quite Black Flag levels, think that will always be my favorite closely followed by AC2
          • Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply Yeah AC 2 was something else. I think in the last 7-8 years only two games have really blown me away. One was AC2 and the other was Witcher 3. I have very high hopes from the upcoming Kingdom Come Deliverance that it might be the next great game but lets wait and see.
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