My Vidme Introduction!

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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Welcome to the #vidmecommunity ! Any intro is better than no intro. I'm the Zeta. haha Cheerio!
  • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic reply I think your green screen loos nice. :) What program do you use to set your chroma-key?
    • [ – ] TheOmegaOni parent reply All I'm using is OBS to record and set the chroma key. I coulda edited it in Sony Vegas afterwards, but I was just using OBS' chroma key filter for my webcam because it was convenient. I got better lighting and got it to a lot better since I recorded this video :)
      • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic parent reply I recently downloaded OBS for screen capture, because I am tired of using the free version of screencast which doesn't record audio and has a yucky watermark, so I have to record audio, separately and add it in later. Yes, I am super cheap. I just can't afford to put any money into this. I am thrilled that OBS does such a nice job w/ chroma key.
        • [ – ] TheOmegaOni parent reply Yeah, OBS is actually really good for most things, especially being free. It's my go to for recording and streaming now. Alternatively, I used NVidia's Shadowplay to capture funny stuff that I miss or can't get with OBS. Only problem with that is, it doesn't have multiple audio tracks, and can look heavily compressed after rendering and uploading the videos, which isn't too terrible but I can get more quality using OBS when it's set up right.
          • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic parent reply So far, I can get the audio capture to work with it, but it won't capture the video. "window capture". I tried to do it w/ game capture too. I am searching now, trying to solve this problem.
            • [ – ] TheOmegaOni parent reply I think I had this problem myself at one point but I'm not sure how I fixed it. Make sure all of your graphics drivers and stuff are updated, as well as your OBS Studio version is the latest.
              • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic parent reply One thing I will love when I get it figured out is it records the sound on your screen as well as whatever you are saying. I am not sure if it will with the headset on. I haven't tried that yet, but if it does, that will be great. It annoys me that when you try to do a narration in Movie Maker the video is silent that you want to narrate. So I have to do antiquated stuff to get around that.
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