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  • BEK0325 reply Please post link Mr VanCleave, I would like to see it. Surely in any of the audios if there were 17 shots being fired you would hear brass hitting the deck, I've listened 100 times, can't hear any such thing. Also, muzzle FIRE is not real. I suppose you're gonna tell me there is a frame showing no fire now huh. Please, I want to be proven wrong on this shooting. I'm waiting.
  • futurevideo10 reply PhilipVanCleave, you're a liar, why don't you give us a link to back what you say? Why hasn't anyone in the world saw what you say.
  • PhilipVanCleave reply I compared this video to the original and there is at least one frame missing from this version. That frame is one showing the gun in full recoil, with the shooter's hand bent back and the muzzle up. That frame also shows the casing just above the reporter's left elbow. Remove that frame and you get the video above - no slide movement and no casing. Nice try, but no cigar.
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