Is Civil War Coming? Berkeley Police Bravely Do Nothing!

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  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply There won't be a civil war, because the far left haven't the fight for it.
  • madel_schmadel reply What the camera person should have asked the police officers is, "are you prepared to testify in civil court when the inevitable suit filed against your chief is filed? Are you comfortable with what the discovery process will turn up about your role in permitting assault and the potential for murder to take place?"
  • RockawayCCW reply CraggBragg, I agree. California should leave the union and the other 49 should follow.
  • blazedu reply The tweet from trump is a good point. Defund these groups. Just like isis, if they don't have the funds they will have to stop. How's this not headline news in the parrot msm? Because they don't care about reporting the news of course.
  • CraggBragg reply National divorce now! #Calexit before it's too late and someone dies.
  • jab1persianprincess reply scary times may be ahead...
  • DIPROSALIC reply The police are but another pawn of the crooked establishment, determined to control the thoughts, hearts, and minds of the populace. It will not be easy, but the destruction of this evil needs to happen before society is damaged beyond repair.
  • ChrisJackson278 reply Would it be better if the cop came home and told his family: "Hey, I disobeyed orders today and got fired. What's for dinner?"
  • ArbiterAbaddon reply This is NOT like a war zone. Don't compare ignorant leftist fucks raging about safe spaces to a war zone. I really don't like the violence but my friends purchase a gun, ammunition and weapons because leftist assholes attacking people need to learn that freedom and liberty matter more than their fucking feelings.
  • MaitreMarkScully reply This is how the Arab Spring started.....
  • Death2islam reply Fuck the United State! The police are not your friend. The state serves its owners, you're not one of them!
  • wolfalexzemla reply You tube is not becoming free TV 2.0 it is becoming cable TV 2.0 And even if you are conservative and you only watch say 15 content providers and they only have say 10 k followers each. Google will manipulate the numbers and you will have to pay 10$ per month for each channel that you follow. So 15 providers at 10$ per month is 150$ or 30 channels for 5$ per mo. And even paying this much per month they will try to squeeze and manipulate everyone back over to CNN. Then pay per view will come along. Committing the oldest sins in the newest ways. Same shit different wire.
  • dinglefritz reply Interesting that none of the talking heads have questioned the stand down and why it occurred.
  • jerryusc reply This is what our country gets for allowing almost unlimited immigration from low IQ 3rd world countries for over 50 yrs. We are becoming them.
  • ZachZ reply If they had some Pepsi none of this would have happened.
  • RichCHaus reply Great video man. Keep it up.
  • winstonsmith1914 reply No civil war for the foreseeable future.
  • gbkthaddock reply The Department of Justice needs to conduct an investigation and promptly.
  • c_arnold03 reply This will definitely get interesting as time progresses.
  • Partially_Evil reply "Protect and serve our image. Faq da public" - Police policy at Berkeley
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