What to Expect from Me (Upload Schedule)

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  • [ – ] MysteryMrR reply If you open multiple tabs you can upload a lot at once, its what I do. But I understand how you want to focus on YT.
    • DarcsenOfLegend parent reply Opening multiple tabs doesn't drag down the upload speed for you? (That's mostly what kept me from trying it.) As for YT, it's currently my top priority, but I joined Vidme with the intention of growing this channel a lot, too. I've been here for only a week, and Vidme and its community has already impressed me. WAAAAAY better than YT!
  • [ – ] MysteryMrR reply No idea and I really don't plan on testing that link theory lol
    • DarcsenOfLegend parent reply I'll just add it to my list of questions about Vidme. I'm planning on emailing the team with questions that I haven't found answers to on my own after about 2-4 weeks.
  • [ – ] MysteryMrR reply Yea I think since its a link that branches to your YT it's a lot faster, I only uploaded a specific video to this site one time and it took about 4 minutes and that video was exactly 1 second long.
    • DarcsenOfLegend parent reply Are there any major differences between uploading it via link vs a file? Such as: is it contingent on the original YT video still existing? If the original link were to be deleted, would the Vidme version be deleted, too, or does it become its own thing after being uploaded?
  • [ – ] MysteryMrR reply Vidme is surprisingly amazing, I have uploaded 8 videos at once and they all went up in about 2 minutes. Just get the link of your video and upload, try it out right now if you aren't busy :) ( I wish I could reply to your comment instead of making new ones. )
    • DarcsenOfLegend parent reply It's fine, dude. I will have to try the link thing. That's a HUGE difference in upload time. (It took 2 hours to upload my RE7 Demo yesterday.)
  • [ – ] MysteryMrR reply Since you have a lot of videos on YouTube why not just upload like 3-5 old videos a day on here?
    • DarcsenOfLegend parent reply Three reasons: 1. I still want to continue releasing new content on my YouTube channel; 2. When I upload to YouTube, I usually set up bulk uploads so that I can go to bed because I often have work in the morning, and 3. Vidme currently can only support one upload at a time (though the team assured me via email that they were working on a multi-upload update. Once that update comes, I'll probably do that some nights. Until then, I'll try to upload at least one a night here, even if I upload to YouTube the same night. I currently have two new vids up, but I still have to render most of the others. Thanks for the question :)
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