Monthly Vlogdate #13 (May 2017) -April Went Pretty Well-

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  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply Let me leave a comment better than just two words... You're really humble and I said you deserve more attention because to me that's exactly what I see. A brilliant and talented creator who has a lot of passion for this. You're really good. I'm nowhere near brave enough for facecam yet, I really hope you keep going and keep growing. You're awesome.
    • [ – ] Comander-O parent reply Well thanks for your kind words and support Kin! Personally I am quite fine with not getting noticed that much and getting help or seen from people like you really is an uncomfortable thing for me. The best way I can really explain how I am is like being the support/healer in games. If I can help others and see them be either happy or at least in good condition then I'll be fine since I don't want much in return or else I'll feel like owing them back. Unless I had more people like you supporting me like you do then I wouldn't feel all that bad with the amount you've done for me. :) Also about me being brave about doing facecam. I just do since I have it anyways and I feel like it just helps me improve my confidence since I'm actually a very introverted person.
      • [ – ] KinTailFox parent reply I also didn't expect anything back. Just doin' it cause I care.
        • Comander-O parent reply Again thanks for what you've done since you have been the first content creator I've got to collaborate with and the first to show so much support for what I do and that has meant a lot to me. Also until I can notice more people actually showing me their support then you can go back to fan girling about me all you want. :D
      • KinTailFox parent reply Sorry for fan girling too much. 😖 I just share experiences I like. I'll tone it down but know you're super cool and awesome.
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