Some thoughts on the UK Election 2017 so far.

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  • [ – ] Dooooooooooooooom reply I can't see Labour coming out on top barring some absolutely catastrophic error on the part of the Tories. Even then, it's hard to think of what the Conservatives could do that would constitute such a cock up. As it stands, Labour has lost the working class and the party knows it. It was pretty clear that members were assuming that they'd have a few years to try and find a new leader, then get their ducks in a row for a serious run against the Conservatives. Now, that plan has been thrown clear out the window. They're going to take a hit this election, I suspect. I'm skeptical too as to whether it will indeed be a blow out as some have been suggesting. There's still ample time for all parties to firmly lodge a foot in their mouth, so anything is possible, I suppose. All that being said, a loss in the election will set the wheels in motion for a big shake up in Labour, hopefully purging the party of far left ideologues that have scared its base away over the last few years.
    • CaptainSwitzerland parent reply There's definitely potential for all sorts to happen in the next month, though a Tory majority does by far look the most likely. I think labours base has been eroded ever since New Labour, popular vote and membership over previous 20 years has shown us that. I think since it's move leftwards, they've brought back in some old supporters, and some new, but for sure they've alienated a different crowd of voters. I am a supporter of some of those far left ideologues that you mentioned in your comment. I'm not a "seize the means" kinda lefty, but I did join labour because of Corbyn rather than despite him. Cheers for the follow anyway!
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