Three Days Before Deir ez-Zor | ANNA News Documentary | September 2017

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  • Tuerstock reply Wow, this is so gloryous. I always thought about going to help the SAA, but with a Family and and loans to pay this decision was not easy. Now i regret that i did not took that move. This is history and remarks another stepstone to the death of the American Empire. The Sino Overlords coming and one of their tightest friends is Russia.
  • FightingSwan reply With the North Korea threat and the Hurricanes u.s budget for this Type of carry on all over the world must be low by now. And SAA needs to use this to take back the territory Israel took in the heights,and from Kurds in north and Russia needs to go all in for all man kind to Evan the power balance...or U.S will destroy every 1 not towing the line . Go SAA & the new more moderate world police Russia !! #Go Russia 🇷🇺. Much love from New Zealand 🇳🇿 Kia Kaha (stand strong)
  • rainbow_over_ireland_2 reply The west pretended Deir Ez Zour didn't the west's MSM peddled the lie that the SAA and the Russians didn't actually fight DAESH......the Druze hero Issam Zahreddine and his soldier son - among 1000's of other very brave men - held DAESH from the genocidal atrocity they would have conducted on the civilians of Deir Ez Zour...or in English, Monastery on the River.
  • rainbow_over_ireland_2 reply If my memory serves me correctly, Syria is the 1st country since Vietnam to defeat the US, and while the US didn't use many of their grunts "in-country" as they did in Indo China they did unleash their full array of magnificently paid and armed allies, "partners", mercenaries, proxies, Jihadis and genocidal client states. It would appear the United States Empire is on the wane..their halcyon days are long gone - Alhamdullilah!
  • Obscure_Shadow_2 reply SAA, Russia, Hezbollah, Iranian and Palestinian troops and all other who have fought and sacrificed for Syria, will always be my biggest heroes. They are an example to the world of what true patriotism is all about. Not just blindly and impotently waving one's flag, but actually going out and fighting for the sake of one's country and humanity. I feel so privileged to be able to witness it and in a small way, to be a part of it all, even if a benign part. Utmost thanks to you Kit-Kat, ANNA news and to all others who have repeatedly endured the insanity of those who have tried to stifle the truth. None of this will ever be forgotten by this gal. Much love to all of you! (((♡♡♡♡)))
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