Daytime Moon Gets Chemed Again - 5/3/17 - NE Ohio

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  • [ – ] j7409skynews reply Morning my friend. I took some pics of the moon yesterday also.I had clear blue skies and no chemtrails. SHOCK! I know its probably just me, but did the moon look a little different than usual to you. I noticed something that reminded me of a building around the nose area. Probably just me, just didn't look the same to me. And as for the Sun i noticed about a week or so ago that the Sun seems to be really further West. At my house the Sun is setting now where it usually does in July. Thanka for the vid and you take care.....Peace and Love..J
    • Jayling7 parent reply I didn't catch the building near the nose area but wish I did! The position of the Moon (and sun) does appear wonky. Like yesterday, it was about 12:30pm and the Sun was kinda low in the SE sky, not overhead and it was already past noon - it still had a long way to go yet. The Moon was shot at 7:20pm in basically the same position as the 'noon' Sun, but it appeared to be higher up in the sky than the dang sun was. And for me the Sun has been setting in the NW, or closer to the 'line', maybe WNW up here. You take care also, J!
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