The Truth About SameIP

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  • BIgBubba reply Nope - I replicated EXACTLY what you did - but I realised that it was a click-throu money-making scam - WHICH YOU DON'T HAVE THE BRAINS TO FIGURE OUT.Don't let the truth get in the way of yer bullshit RETARD. I knew when to STOP but YOU believes you are SUPER ITGuy an don't have to follow the law - which is pretty much the same in just about any country in the world with a few exceptions huh? FEDS - NSA - MI5 - POLICE - NCA - all work together now boy - NOWHERE for you to hide any more. Notice how yer local feds are knocking on doors? YEAH - not long now pretty boy. Hope you been looking at dresses to pretty up for them BIG BOYS - HA HA AHA HHHAHAHAHAHHHHhHAAA. P.S. Keep trolling cause you is giving me and my buddies some great entertainment - when we ain't doing something else of course.
  • ITGuy reply Are you now saying you were not able to replicate the same thing that J Farmer did and find child porn using sameIP on other peoples websites. Please make up your mind.
  • BIgBubba reply SHUT UP you RETARD. Unlike YOUR video it doesn't any links to KIDDIE PORN - just PORN - HHHHHHAAAAAAAAA! You are such a CLOWN!
  • ITGuy reply BigBubba Delete this instructional video on how to find child pornography on the internet that you have created and posted. It is bad enough you do this type of thing but to put a video up to show others how to do this is illegal and absolutely disgusting.
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