Flat Earth is the Truth ▶️️

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  • Arkavick reply Isnt that bill nye clip a little out of context. He was talking about negative impacts to our environment and the fact that we cant just up and leave earth if we destroy this planet. The west wing clip you showed was to do with how we improperly represent the scales of countries on the map. It's impossible to properly represent a 3D objects surface map on a 2-D plane. Compromisations have to be made and scales of some parts of said map to become warped or shrunken down. There are actually multiple models of the 2D map besides the most common one we always see. The gravity of our planet is focused at it s centre. The oceans do not form a ball but rather simply follow the curvature of the earth as they wrap around it. How would gravity even work on a 2D world anyway. Everything would fall towards the center of that disk and we probably wouldn't even be able to have oceans. Also, it's impossible to see the curvature of a spherical object from its surface. Observing curvature of the horiz...moreon from ground level is impossible as when you turn your head the horizon would appear to fall into the ground beneath you. Good video composition none the less. Twas enjoyable to watch :D
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