How to use a vpn on windows.

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  • [ – ] geordieprepper reply How much is that VPN per month?
    • orangesec333 parent reply If you need anymore help just ask.
    • orangesec333 parent reply download the config files from the site and put them in C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config
    • [ – ] orangesec333 parent reply openvpn is free, as long as you get the free config files. vpngate is free. No cost, just your electricity bill along with your Internet bill.
      • [ – ] geordieprepper parent reply Hmm that's interesting, I'll look into it more. I'm on Mac so I think I have to use the config files with another program. Not sure yet.
        • orangesec333 parent reply haven't tried it though.
        • [ – ] orangesec333 parent reply configs only work with openvpn, but i think they do have a file for mac on the main page.
          • [ – ] geordieprepper parent reply Yeah, I've tried TunnelBlick and you can put the config files in it for OpenVPN servers into it. VPN providers many of them give the option to download the config files for use in TunnelBlick and other software. Still need to pay for many of them though. I haven't found a good free VPN service. Perhaps in the future we'll get a de-centralised open source and crowd funded VPN service. Too many of the VPN providers are compromised by location of their servers and their head office etc, complying with BS logging etc.
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