Let's play good old Slender man 👻

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  • ToriHanabi reply I love your accent! 💖 I love your commentary through the whole thing 😂 I got lost in that part too. I had issues finding the path out of certain areas too. Too many invisible walls when in real life I'd just crawl up the hill or jump on to rocks. I always activate godmode and add pages to mess around with Slenderman's AI lol sadly he doesn't move when godmode is active. He just stands. Boooo! I wanna see his octo-arms wave about and chase me! I wanna play slender tag 😂 it's funny people complain about jump scares but if they've ever experienced paranormal activity this game does it well. It when catches the frequency that can cause that electric feeling of when the atmosphere changes lol they do just "drop in" too. I don't really consider this one jumpscares since he's just creeping like otherworldly entities do lol!!
  • Harbinger50 reply Nice beer stein. haha
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply loved the ending part ;)
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply If you want more horror games (without jump scares) I would recommend The Park. It's disturbing without being gimmicky.
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