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  • [ – ] LegendGary323 reply 30fps at 1080 is fine. i believe it did 60fps it would only be at 720p native from the camera. But its an improvement from the c920. #CanonBoyz
  • [ – ] MariaTheGerman reply Camera is dope! you need to stop deleting shit! lool secret collabs I am intrigued haha Excited about what's to come!
    • DookisWatching parent reply yes yes it happens to the best of us least my software doesn't crash!!!! OHHHHHH! Yeah you know its just some random person out there ya know no one special. ;) You should be, I'm comin out guns blazin, I gotta catch up to you!
  • [ – ] ElReykingweewee reply My dude that's why I followed u over, u always keep it real. Let those Otha fools ride that davids guys dick while u do u. Looking forward to them shows man I know u been talkin about them forever now back on YouTube
  • [ – ] xGlitterPants85 reply Hot damn look at you lookin all sexy and shit. 😍 Camera suits you dookster can't wait for the shows! Dunno who this david seaman guy is but it's like you say just move on and focus on creating.
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply You might need to get your eyes checked XD. I'm workin hard on them GP, those are gonna make or break the channel so. Yeah I don't know who he is either. Just some dude on the front page.
  • [ – ] RubenLeija reply Bruh! you need extra hard drives! What kind of camera you rocking?
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply My friend I am an imbecile when it comes to saving and recording. Error prone! I'm rockin the Canon T5i....I don't know shit about it. XD
      • [ – ] RubenLeija parent reply haha you'll get the hang of it. You really need more hard drives! Do yourself the favor if you get into this biz of making videos! You'll be grateful you did it
        • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply *note to self...need more hard drives* I've got two of them, i suppose i should probably start using them XD
          • RubenLeija parent reply Seriously I got more than 3 terabytes of video archives :/ I'm tweet you later a good hard drive storage (low price) for you!
  • [ – ] EVRHQ reply 30fps is a nice middle ground.
  • [ – ] QuazzVids reply Ah man that laugh is contagious. What's the new camera's model? I actually do like this 24 fps footage. The new lighting is gonna make the videos look great! Right now seems like the camera was struggling with the lighting, unless it's a webcam; then in that case it performed really well.
  • [ – ] Branbert reply Congrats on the new camera! what did you end up getting? Looking forward to the new shows you got coming up.
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply Canon T5i, didn't want anything crazy cuz I'm not Michael Bay or anything, just wanted to quit using the C920. Thanks bud I appreciate it :)
  • [ – ] ProjectKillJoy reply The Dookster!!!!! In hardcore HD! Coming at you live- ugh well not live... But you know what I mean :)
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Nice camera dude ;) i dont like 60fps, makes me feel dizzy for some reason. LOL that you deleted your footage, that's part of being a creator xD and finally THANK YOU! enough with the david seaman, jut to get more views. Can't wait for that secret project.
    • DookisWatching parent reply Bro I'd high five you! Be done with that Seaman guy. I always delete footage man Im an idiot. Soon amigo on the projects real soon!
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Wondering where you were?
  • [ – ] IAmCKtv reply The new cam is CRISPY my boy! 👏🏾👏🏾 man I'm definitely looking forward to what you have coming bruh cuz it sounds like big things! Hahah oh David Seaman... I'm cool with 60 but I do agree that 30fps is a nice look too so I vote that! Keep pushing Dook
    • DookisWatching parent reply EXTRA CRISPY! hopefully man everything falls into place. Just missing one piece of equipment! I think 60fps is good for maybe games ish??? But everyone is saying 30 so ill stick with that. thanks homie you do the same...almost at the 100!
  • [ – ] jpakuma87 reply Ehhh the camera lookin good homie! I've been seein a lot of people make videos about this guy? The way I see it everyone wants to get follows so they jump on the bandwagon and start shit. U got your follows now what? Expect the backlash from his community. Let the man do his thing and everyone else do theres. Stay real dookie u always do u and help the people in ur life, those people are lucky af to have u man. Not many niggas like u around anymore 🤘🏾
    • DookisWatching parent reply You're gonna make me cry asshole...didn't know you actually had nice words to say coming out of that filthy mouth of yours XD. Don't be calling me the N word sucka whats wrong with you! X) I appreciate the kind words none the less!
  • ninhuntress007 reply Holy shit dook you look..😍😍😍 I'm loving this, you look great and channel is looking great as well. Nice job 👏👏👏
  • MFKraven reply the cinematic look is definitely the best!
  • JustLife reply Hey dope channel man keep it up!
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