VIDME EXCLUSIVE | Top 5 Weirdest Games from my Childhood

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  • [ – ] RetroBit reply I left out the voice clip of my tags and I'm out of town for a few days, so here's my 5 response tags! || @RetroRevelations @GooseBoose @ADuelGet @Robindies @ChaoticGaming || Thanks @SalBerry for getting this community project started!
  • [ – ] SalBerry reply That last game...I can't even...WTF! That is literally the weirdest game I've seen! XD
    • alexinwonderland parent reply I dunno, I've seen far weirder lmao Boogerman actually looks like the perfect '90s boy game. Plenty of gross liquids and toilet humour. It's probably only weird in retrospect. At the time I bet it made a lot of sense ;)
    • RetroBit parent reply That game is honestly going to be stuck in my head forever. Will never unsee Cho Aniki. Hahah. Thanks for dtopping by :D
  • [ – ] RetroRevelations reply Even as a kid, a kid who enjoyed a good fart joke as much as the next kid, I was never drawn to Boogerman. I think it was very similar a phenominon to something like Conker's Bad Fur Day, where the game itself wasn't actually SUPER fun to play, but it was popular because of it's "edgy" content. I can appreciate some people liking it, that's fine. But IMO, it plays like shit, and is just not a terribly good game.
    • RetroBit parent reply THANK YOU. :| Mostly everyone loves it but I recently played Conquer's bad fur day a few years back. Never being a fan of it growing up I wanted to see what I missed out on. Well. I didn't miss out on much. I feel the same way as you- it cashed in on being edgy even though the game play was... ehh.. you know.. Haha.
  • [ – ] Vossi_46_gaming reply What is going on in number one. Who thought that game was a good idea? Awesome video by the way
    • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply Thanks! This is the weirdest Wolfenstein Clone I've ever played. I didn't want to make this video to long so I cut a ton of footage but there's more weapons, enemies, and oddities all around. It's worth playing for a laugh if you can find it.
  • [ – ] GalaxyGaming reply those are some of the weirdest games ive ever seen haha !
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply I know the 4th and last one from our lord Jontron. "Oh Lord, I think I'm comin' down with a case of the vapors."
    • RetroBit parent reply Hahah! Japanese Shooters was such a great episode! xD Praise be to lord Jontron. Let us pray he uploads a new video in the near future!
  • [ – ] Mattimus reply Dude.. wtf even are these games
  • Vagitarian reply There was actually this pretty cool old game called Astro Penis where you have to take on these big giant rats! I never got the point, but it was a lot of fun!
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