First Anime Convention Challenge

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Thank you to @RSNAnime for tagging me. People I tagged are @SamEarl13 , @FreshSocksFox , @Deonical , and @MissMulti. Also the shirt was in support of @Mugiwara_Necoke. I hope you liked me sharing that experience. :D
    • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Thanks for tagging me but I've never gone too any conventions sadly, I don't really leave the flat much :P
      • theoldsparrow parent reply That's okay. I don't really leave the house much either these days. You should go to one sometime though. I think you would have a lot of fun. :D
    • [ – ] RSNAnime parent reply Is it bad that I just learned you could tag people in the comments? Anyway, thanks for doing the tag video.
    • [ – ] Deonical parent reply I've never been to a AnimeCon but I'll still gonna do it. Just have to change up the questions a bit :)
      • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply That's cool. I'm not sure how this challenge started so if you change up the questions to make a better video it would probably work out better.
        • [ – ] RSNAnime parent reply It looks like the challange was started by a channel on YouTube called "The Georges" talking about his first convention, and then he turned it into a tag video which has been spreading through YouTube (and now VidMe). And now I'll stop spamming you with replies to your comments here :)
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Never been to an Anime Convention before but I've been to Steampunk Conventions and I've noticed there that you get all sorts of cosplayers there. Anime is the biggest. You also get Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Supernatural, etc. Oh and the Steampunk cosplayers, of course. Lol
    • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply Nerd culture tends to have a lot of crossover. I worked at the Renaissance Fair every May for three years in high school so you would expect pretty much people into medieval stuff like suits of armor or puffy nobility clothes. Every year we had Klingons show up. Nothing against them but it's exactly the opposite cosplay as you would expect.
  • [ – ] Sweetpotates reply Love me some anime conventions! The art sellers have fantastic stuff!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply AHH i would really like to see a pic of you in cosplay! xD
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Do you have a picture of yalls cosplay I'm curious how it turned out now? lol
    • theoldsparrow parent reply I don't unfortunately. It was pretty accurate with the royal symbol on the chest and a long cape but the armor looked a lot like the standard alien armor most of Frieza's henchmen wore.
  • [ – ] SinglePlayer reply I'm hopefully going to my first this fall! King Vegeta is a great cosplay idea. I might have to skip the cosplay for my first... but next time definitely have to consider it!! :D
    • theoldsparrow parent reply Cosplay can be some work if you make it yourself or expensive if you get someone to make it for you so skipping out the first time around might be good for you. I will say though you have a lot more fun meeting people cosplaying as a character. It's an instant way to break the ice with people that like the same things you do.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Eyyyy! You got that Ne'Coke shirt! Nice. I would love to see the cosplay if king vegeta. If you got a link to a pic that would be amazing!
    • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply It's a great shirt. I don't have any pictures of the event unfortunately as it's nearing a decade ago since I went. I'm getting old, man. :/ It was a fun time and I have good memories of it.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply This was really cool!! I haven't been to a convention in a few years--I think I'm overdue for another one! Thanks for sharing, friend!
    • theoldsparrow parent reply You should definitely take the time to enjoy a convention every now and then. When you go it feels like you just landed at a vacation spot that feels like home.
  • [ – ] RSNAnime reply Thanks for doing the tag video, it's interesting to hear about your experience with it. That wrestling panel thing sounds like it would be something different/cool. I'll need to keep an eye out for the other people doing this tag as well, they are a good way to find new channels. And I'm glad this is spreading around VidMe instead of just YouTube.
    • theoldsparrow parent reply It was fun and nostalgic to make. If you look up Kaiju Big Battel (I know weird spelling) t will give you the lore behind the storylines. Everyone I tagged is someone I enjoy thoroughly so definitely check them out. It would be cool if this took off on vidme. :D
  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply Lol nice shirt!
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Interesting stuff about your first anime convention, I can't imagine the idea of going alone since I'd 100% get myself lost. Awesome how you've been wearing shirts in support of people by the way.
    • theoldsparrow parent reply Getting lost is no fun. You could try to go to a meetup at the con and if you cosplay a lot of the times you can meet people during a group photo.
  • [ – ] FreshSocksFox reply >3< I accept this challenge even though I'm done a video like this before.
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Wow, driving through a tornado warning to complete your cosplay! You are dedicated! The closest I've come to cosplay is dressing up for Halloween. I guess being the Grim Reaper isn't quite the same. A convention does sound fun, but maybe too many people for me. I'm glad you have good memories of wilder and crazier days. Thanks for sharing!
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