Why You SHOULDN'T Avoid Awkwardness (Ft. Ivan Animated)

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  • BrianAiya reply i hope that the kids of this and next generations will encounter more awkward situations to develop their character. I mean, it's rare to have awkward situations in social media, most of the really awkward situations happen irl. Yea i understand that you can text to the wrong person or something like that, but in irl, you are ON the spot and it's challenging to deal with it on the spot. you get what i mean :P
  • Allegus reply This is a really good video, well done!
  • shamkoze reply Don't you get that feeling after an awkward situation and you wished it never happened?
  • [ – ] IronMantis reply what about awkward pronunciation where the end of each sentence raises pitch making everything sound like a question? good animation. muted the sound.
  • zugzs reply You are awsome, I am awkward all the time
  • GiuAto reply Never watched any of your videos before, but I loved the colab and I'm definitely a new fan :3
  • [ – ] sarah reply haha loved this collab! also, never got to ask, but did you draw your character yourself?
    • CurtRichy parent reply Glad you liked it! And nah, my friend on Tumblr drew my character, and Ivan drew his for this video! All the animations, and writing are done by me. Ivan wrote his part for this video!
  • JoeyArnoldVN reply Agreed that awkwardness is educational and a blessing in disguise and it is there all the time and it helps us as we live our lives and grow and learn from pain for gain and do all that instead of like forgetting our lives in a loop of no progression and awkwardness is awareness like pain like they say in this video and I agree and we do better as we work together and learn and everything and have fun and teach and learn and share and everything.
  • Wolfer reply I'm most in front of the camera, but i try hard not to let it control me because it's something ilove to do!
  • HeroicVillain reply Avoid it? I create awkward moments. I ask girls to marry me and then ask for their name. I tell strangers about my insecurities...after insulting them. I'm like insanity wolf if he were a pacifist. I give TMI whether you like it or not. I just farted. Did you know that it's not the methane in farts that make them smell bad, it's actually mostly hydrogen sulfide and our brains perceive it as 'bad' because we're hardwired to avoid rotting things? Also, I could be typing this in the nude and no one would ever know accept the Illuminati. I talk about my favorite pancake restaurant during funerals. You'd be surprised how many people hate pancakes! I'm the guy who makes everyone forget you forgot to bring a present for the happy couple cause I told a long story about that time the groom and I went out picking up señoritas in Tijuana. I make conspiracy theory references at family reunions. I'm the guy that makes you feel better about yourself cause at least you're not me. I'm y...moreour hero, you just don't know it yet.
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