Starbucks Fruitcake Frappuccino Review

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  • chimer reply Oh my goodness. I had to make this today, as I work at starbucks. This drink is so random. If anyone is curious, it has Hazlenut syrup, Dried fruit packets that are used in the oatmeal, then after the whip cream is put on, we put matcha powder that's used in the green tea lattes on top. Then we have to put dots of caramel drizzle that used in the caramel frappucinno. Apprently it tastes better with coffee :)
  • November_Fox reply Watch, Starbucks actually invented this drink to be a joke. That's why the Starbucks staff was laughing at you when you ordered it, they're in on the joke.
  • Circuits_Coffee reply The description for that drink is disgusting enough lol
  • Nathaneye reply Hey my names NathanEyeI and i am tying to grow on, if you could follow me it would mean a lot OK bye family.
  • Mithmeoi reply That looks so gross. XD You are a brave soul for trying that...
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