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  • [ – ] Rawman reply lol no idea why i chuckled but i did the second the car landed. Was everything deliberate from the title being called .mp4 and the way it was shot? That way the car smashed up when it landed i was thinking its gunna land smooth as butter but nope! lol. Its no gta right? What game is this?
    • [ – ] dnomaid parent reply yes, all that's deliberate. I do these short videos rather often when I get bored, and the .mp4 in the title is just there because I'm unoriginal when it comes to titles.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply dude this is genius!! the formula is sweet!! no the mp4 part made it funny like someone who has the extension thing left on the computer. I was imagining napoleon dynamite playing and when his car almost exploded hes like "ughhh this game sucks" or something lol
  • [ – ] danielamann reply I have spent countless hours playing this game...addicting
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